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Batmen mixer plant

We are manufacturer and supplier of finest quality bitumen mixing plant.This bitumen mixing and processing plant is widely demanded for its efficient performance and low maintenance. We have used industrial grade steel alloy to craft the body, which makes it resistant to chemicals and capable to withstand higher temperature.

To be able to offer you optimum price of bitumen mixer, we need to know your application and capacity then according we will quote and design.Below you can find a short descreaption and part list along with packig and shipping of the mixer.

Generally our mixing machine using in Paint, Coating, Paste, Slurry, powder and there is optional of fully stainless steel and carbon steel body and structure.

Add latex to bitumen emulsion by our bitumen mixer machine

Latex polymers can be cationic, anionic or nonionic types, which depends on the charge of the particles. Compatibility of latex and emulsion can be taken into consideration, as water dispersion of the polymer must comply with emulsifier parameters.

In bitumen emulsion, latex improves the strength and elasticity of the material. As a rule, latex polymers are combined with water phase and are emulsified with bitumen directly during preparation of the bitumen-latex emulsion. Latex can also be used to modify bitumen directly, or can be injected into a prepared bitumen emulsion as an independently mixed emulsion.

Bitumen mixer machine

Advantage of mixing latex to rubber

The advantage of using bitumen-latex emulsions is the improvement of several parameters: road durability is increased, temperature range is expanded, layer formation time decreases, high elasticity and strain resistance is ensured. For better adhesion of layers, experts recommend injection of special adhesion additives into the latex-bitumen emulsions. Apart from road construction industry, bitumen latex emulsions are widely used as waterproofing materials, protecting structures from water and its destructive effects. The so called “liquid rubber” is a unique waterproofing material based on bitumen-latex emulsion with no solvents. Liquid rubber ensures high parameters in essential areas: stability and durability, ease of transportation, elasticity, high efficiency and safety.

mixer machine Bitumen

Installation and operation manual of bitumen mixer

ATDM bitumen mixer designed for mix of bitumen with other material to us in Paint, Coating, Paste, Slurry and powder mixing.

Our bitumen mixer is small size, high efficiency, homogeneous mixing and easy to operate.

Installation manual of bitumen mixer

I.             Structure of the Facility

1.   Tank

2.   Mixing pump and control box.

3.   Powder feeding hopper and valve.

4-5 Inlet valve and frank

6.  Outlet valve and frank

7-8-9 Adjust valve

10-11-12-13 Circle pipes

14. Sample point

15. Liquid leveler II

Biutmen mixer

Material specification of bitumen mixer



efficiency Dustless Mixing Machine










Installation procedure of powder mixer with liquid

1. Select the place to install the facility, make the floor horizontal, clean and smooth.

2. Settle the tank on the floor. Connect all the circle pipes and adjust valves to the tank with screw.

3. Joint the mixing pump with circle pipes 11 and 12.

4. Joint the inlet Valve 4.5 and powder feeding hopper to circle pipe 11. Joint the outlet valve 6 to circle pipe 12.

5. Connect the power line to Mixing pump and Control box.

6. Connect the inlet valve to water tank.

7. Put water in the facility through pump, check if any leak in the facility.

8. Start the pump, check the direction of pump rotation.

By this machine and use heating oil you can mix natural asphalt ( Gilsonite ) to bitumen and make rubberized bitumen.

Standard sample of bitumen mixer

II.            The preparing work before production

i.              The preparation of the standard samples

A.. The technical departments prepare 500 ml of standard sample according to sales orders and the mix proportion for the product.

B.. Detect standard samples technical index, including specific gravity, PH value, the content of solid, paste fluidity, and so on. Set that index as quality control technical basis.

The inspection of slurry mixer

A.. The new installed equipment should be checked before using, make sure that each connection of valves is tight, the valve is working, mixer operation is normal.

B. Check whether the mixer meet the production requirements, whether the last product is the same or similar with the new product. If the last  product does not similar with the new one or it would affect the quality of  the new product, clean the mixer and these pipes.

C. After cleaning the mixer, the valves have been checked; the inlet and outlet valves should be closed.

Raw material preparation for the paint mixer

A. Prepare raw materials according to the sales order and the mix proportion provide by technical departments. Those powdered  materials should be stocked nearby the mixer. B. Unpacking the bags of those powdered materials.

C. Other auxiliary materials should be weighed according to the requirements of the of mix proportion.

Production of paste by bitumen mixer

i.              Raw material production

A. Start the mixing motor, open the inlet water valve, pump in the needed water through the measurement can or water meter

B. The water amount for the first time should be controlled at 90%~95% of  the total water consumption; it should be no more than 95%. There has to leave a margin for adjust.

C. When pumping in the water, de-foaming agent, fungicide and other  auxiliary materials should be added at the same time, to avoid bubble overflow mixing tank.

D. When the water have been added, close the inlet water valve, open valve 1 slowly, run the mixer for 2-3min, turn on the powder inlet valve after the pressure in the mixer become stable.

E. Observe the water flow in the powder inlet valve, adjust the flow by regulate the valve

7,8 and 9, when the water flow out of the valve, turn down the valve 7, turn up the valve

8 or 9, to get the normal water flow.

F. When pumping in the powder, the solid content of the product in the tank become higher, and the pressure at the valve become higher too. The trend of the water flow out of the valve become stronger, then the valve 7 could be shut down, and fully open the valve 8 and 9, to get the normal water flow.

G. After the powder fully added, shut down the powder inlet valve; keep the mixer pump run until the product is homogenized.

Product filling of bitumen mixer to use in coating industry

i.  Before filing the product, close the powder feeding valve and valve 4,5,9, open valve 7 and valve 8, check the connection, and make sure they are       tight.

ii. Turn on the mixer, open the outlet valve 6, and adjust the valve 8 to control  the outlet flow, when the liquid level in the tank become low, turn down the valve 8, but do not close the valve 8 at the beginning.

iii. After filling accomplished, close outlet valve 6 and open valve 8, turn off the mixer, and turn the power off.

Precautions to use our bitumen mixer

i. Smash the caked raw materials before poured into the funnel. Do not inlet the caked material into the funnel, which might cause block.

ii. Observe the liquid level in the tank, and control the volume of product under 85% of the volume of the tank, to avoid bubble overflow mixing tank.

iii. If it was going to be left unused for a period, clean the mixer inside and outside, keep

it in good condition


Specificaiton of Bitumen Mixer

TES of Bitumen Mixer


MSDS of Bitumen Mixer

MSDS of Bitumen mixer

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