Application of bitumen enamel

Application of bitumen enamel.

Application of bitumen enamel is corrosion protection material in onshore and offshore. Long Term Corrosion Protection The best adhesion to steel provides a track record of long term corrosion resistance.

Bitumen Enamel

Recommended for pipelines designed to convey water, gas, oil or any other fluid when the continuous temperature  of the fluid being transported does not exceed 70°C (I 58°F)*. Bitumen enamel is safer and more environmentally friendly system then coal tar enamel.

Engineered Solutions

Advanced manufacturing techniques allow Bredero Shaw to supply AE coatings with varying grades of asphalt enamels and inner and outer wraps along with a thickness as per your design specification. The system can be applied to various pipe diameters from 90 mm (3.5) to over 1200 mm (48).

Proven Performance

Extensive track record of excellent performance in over 8,000 enamel pipe coating projects AE coating for large projects can be performed at multiple Bredero Shaw locations to improve logistics. • High capacity within the Bredero Shaw plant network allows the client to benefit from single For additional standards and specifications with which this product complies, please contact your Bredero Shaw representative.

Our approvals

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