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Pool glue

Pool glue powder, which is structured by reinforced polymers, tile glue is used for tile work in a swimming pool, bathroom and sauna and Jacuzzi. Because of high adhesion properties of the powdered tile adhesive due to the presence of cementations base polymers, they are applied to various surfaces and tile glue is used as a sealing mortar for the pool.

You can use it when you want to installation tile and ceramic. Because it is better than cement, some benefits are such as reduced operating time, increased adhesion and reduced economic costs.

It is able to connect the surfaces of two materials .pool adhesive is used as an alternative to this compound due to all the problems with cement, sand.

Applications of the product

Tile glue is suitable for both internal and external sections and horizontal or vertical surfaces.

On the surfaces where the lower part is under the heat, balconies, terraces and all concrete components are used.

Tile glue is used in swimming pool tiling and sauna and Jacuzzi, submerged structures.

Tile glue is as a pool sealing mortar.

As a filler or putty is used filling cracks on the wall and floor surfaces, filling holes.

Concrete surface repairer.

Water pipes coating for basements.

Terraces, tunnels, bridges, reservoirs.

Suitable for sanitary facilities and surfaces adjacent to water.

Possibility to install tile on various types of concrete, stone.

Features pool glue

Pool glue is high resistance.

This glue is flexibility and high strength.

It is a sealing.

And it is suitable for wall and floor insulation of the pool.

Also it is easy to implement.

Kind of pool glue:

Powder  and pasta pool glues, waterproof glues available


PH for it

Cold resistance for it: at least 5 °C

Pool glue information

When you want to buy this glue, you need to know the information about it same as:

Manufacturer country, manufacturing factory, chemical composition, solid content of this glue, viscosity of it, minimum film forming temperature MFT, appearance of it, PH \’s glue , density of it , cold resistance for this glue, condition of warehousing , these information is  informed to you by buyer .

Storage for this glue

This product should be stored at temperature 5-37? in sealed non-metal container. The shelf life is one year, you know that it is as flammable products so must care in preserve and transport as.

Duration of storage product: one year in packaging

Storage conditions pool adhesive: In the original packaging, away from moisture and direct sunlight

Best Storage Temperature: 10+ to 30+ ° C

Packing: 25kg bags

Description pool glue

Brand: Original

Product origin: …

Product type: pool glue

Appearance of product: White powder, gray

Packing pool glue: 25 kg bag, 50 kg bag

Mixing ratio: 25 kg powder in 6.5 to 7.5 liters of water

Consumption: 3 to 4 kg/m2

Usable time after mixing with water: 3 hours

Temperature during operation: +5 to +35

Thermal stability: -30 to +70

Applicable thickness: 2 to 10 mm

Tile move time in run: 30 minutes

Method use pool glue:

This glue is based on cementations adhesive and pool glue is modified from polymer compounds. Because according to its special formulation, pool adhesive can also be used in submerged structures with high adhesion to horizontal and vertical types, and will be effective in highly structural sealing.

First the surface must be clean and dry, then add 3 volumes of powder to 1 volume of water slowly and mix and continue the mixing until uniform and alike paste is obtained.

Finally, paste the prepared tile adhesive paste with a grooved spatula on the surface and push the tile over it.

Spread this product on surface, presses both the surface till solidification, hold for 24 hours under the room temperature

Price of product

For taking updated price for product and knowing more about further details, please contact us by WhatsApp, email, phone, because as you know that’s different. For a detailed methods and materials specification contact the ATDM 

Warning of this product

It isn\’t the hazardous substances for health and the environment. However, it should not be swallowed or in contact with eyes. In the case of eye contact, wash immediately with copious amounts of water and seek medical attention.

In case of accidental skin or eye contact, wash immediately with plenty of fresh water.

If swallowed, see a doctor immediately.

Please refer to Safety Data Sheet pool glue (MSDS).

Pool glue isn\’t a volatile substance when you want to use pool glue, the joint surface must be clean, dry. Then product spreads on the joint surface, presses till solidification

Do not get into mouth

Keep out of reach of children. Not to be ingested. Avoid skin and eye contact. Wear safety goggles.

As certain persons are prone to dermatitis when using epoxy resins it is advisable to wear rubber gloves. Any material coming into contact with the skin should be washed off promptly and thoroughly with soap and water.

Work in well-ventilated areas or use suitable breathing apparat.

Specification of Pool Glue powder

TDS poolglue powder

MSDS of Pool Glue powder

MSDS poolglue powder


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