Triethanolamine TEA 85%


What is Triethanolamine (TEA 85%)

Triethanolamine, TEA B85 LFG 85% is a low-freeze grade version of Triethanolamine B85, a mix of triethanolamine and diethanolamine.

The product is an aqueous blend designed to provide a lower freeze point product for those who can tolerate the presence of water in their applications.  Freezing will occur at approximately -9°C versus the 18°C expected for Triethanolamine B85.

Molecular weight 149.19

Product Name: Triethanolamine (TEA)

Chemical Name: Triethanolamine

Chemical Family: Alkanolamines

Formula: (HOCH2CH2)3N

CAS # 102-71-6

Amount (%W/W) >= 99%

Odor Mildly ammoniacal

TEA Commercial Grade is a solution containing >= 85% Triethanolamine and <= 15% Diethanolamine.

TEA Commercial LFG is a solution of ~ 74% Triethanolamine, ~ 15% water, and ~ 11% Diethanolamine.

TEA 99 LFG is an 85% solution of it with 15% water.

TEA 99% (a tertiary amine used to react with acidic compounds to form salts) is also

Application of Triethanolamine TEA85%

Gas sweetening:

New technologies are being implemented recently to treat highly sour natural gas with different gas-sweetening processes. As the gas acidity increases, the energy required by the process to achieve sweet gas specifications in terms of H2S and CO2 concentrations will increase.

This is particularly true for gas-sweetening processes that use such alkanolamine solvents as the primary amine methyl-ethanolamine (MEA), the secondary amines diethanolamine (DEA), and di-isopropanolamine (DIPA), and the tertiary amines TEA and methyl-diethanolamine (MDEA).

In textile:

Triethanolamine is used in textile to make the surface softer

Dry cleaning:

It is used as water water-friendly additive in dry cleaning to prevenient corrosion and remove electricity from the parts.


TEA 85% is used in lubricant spray to protect the surface against corrosion and remove the acidity of moisture on.


A combination of fanatic acid with TEA with neutral creates foam in shampoo and other cosmetics.

Other applications in Adhesives, Agricultural, Cement, Photographic Chemicals, Rubber, Surfactants, Urethane Foams

Packing of TEA 85%

It could be in 230 liter steel drum or IBC tank and or bulk. Our MOQ is equal to 1x20ft container or 22MT per truck.

Specification of TEA 85%

Property              Specifications    Test Method*

Appearance       Clear and substantially free         ST-30.1 of suspended matter

Color, Pt-Co        50 max.                ST-30.12

Equivalent weight            161 – 173.5           ST-5.5

Triethanolamine, wt%   70 min. Loading Measure

Water, wt%        13 – 17   Loading Measure

MSDS of TEA 85%

Regulatory Information

DOT Classification         Not regulated in drums

TDG Classification                    Not Regulated

HMIS Code                                             1-1-0

TSCA Inventory                                         Yes WHMIS Classification                               D2B Canadian DSL                                           Yes

Typical Values

Diethanolamine, wt%    11

Flash point, PMCC, °F     >200 pH                                11

Specific gravity, 20/20°C                1.12

Vapor pressure, 20°C, mm Hg     <0.01

Viscosity, cSt, 25°C           525

Weight, 20°C, lb/gal        9.33


Specification of Triethanolamine

TDS of Triethanolamine


MSDS of Triethanolamine

msds of Triethanolamine

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