Cable jelly from Turkey and UAE




Turkey cable jelly

Cable jelly made in Turkey is a chemically stable mixture of solid, semi-solid and liquid hydrocarbon. The cable jelly is free from impurities, have a neutral smell and contain no moisture.

In the course of plastic telephone communication cables, people come to realize that due to plastic has a certain moisture permeability, resulting in the cable there are problems in water terms, often resulting cable core is water intrusion, the impact of communication, inconvenience of production and life.

Cable core

In addition, pinholes and local damage plastic sheath may result in moisture from entering the cable core, the cable electrical characteristics deteriorate. It further found that the cable jacket damage is not necessarily the place where the transmission characteristics deteriorate, which gives the cable maintenance and troubleshooting a lot of trouble, so in the manufacturing process of the cable, usually three ways to ensure moisture-proof and waterproof cable that is inflated or filled with petroleum jelly using super-absorbent material, which with petroleum jelly at home with a little bit more common.

Fiber optic cable

Petroleum jelly filled cables, fiber optic cable all the gap, among waterproof seal plays the role of the optical fiber from the external environment, extending its life, and no maintenance, can maintain long-term stability and reliability of fiber optic transmission .

Uses of cable jelly

Cable industry, cable jelly is used primarily for the production of phone cables with copper wiring, Turkish cable jelly is also classified as petrolatum filling compounds.

Packing of cable jelly

The Turkish cable jelly should be packed in steel drums or flexi tank to avoid any leakage during transportation

Guaranty/warranty of cable jelly

ATDM guaranty the quality of cable jelly with arrangement of international inspector to check quality and quantity of the cable jelly during the loading to vessel and controlling the production by QC by batch test report before shipping. ATDM guaranty the quality to meet with ASTM .

Analysis of Turkish cable jelly


Kinematic viscosity

Drpo melting point

Phase seperation

Total acid number

Flash point  °c

Penetration ( 0.1 mm)


Astm d-445

Astm d-127


Astm d-974-97

Astm d-92

Astm d-937

Filling compound (pjt10)

Min 150 cst at 120 °c

Min 90 °c

According to test method at 70 c

Max0.05 mgkoh/gr

Min 224

Min 50

Filling compound (pjt60)

Min 25 cst at 100 °c

Min 80 °c

According to test method at 50 c

Max0.05 mgkoh/gr

Min 200


Flooding compound


200-250 cst at 120 °c

Min100 °c



Min 200


Specification of Turkish Cable Jelly


Msds of Turkish cable Jelly

MSDS of cable jelly

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