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Labsa-Sulfonic Acid

 Labsa-Sulfonic Acid, Linear Alkyl Benzene is a largest volume surfactant because of its low cost, good performance; environmental friendliness .For the production of sulfonic acid, LABSA, alkaline benzene linear sulfation is usually used. Its components: linear alkyl benzene, oxygen, sulfur and citric acid. (LABSA)

Sulfonic Acid | LABSA used in:

Labsa, Sulfonic acid is a batch of organic sulfur compounds that are used in most home detergents, dishwashing detergents, detergent powder, cleaning powder, washing powders, detergent cake, liquid soap, soaps etc. LABSA, sulfonic acid compound is used as a foaming agent , cleaning agent in more formulations and toilet soaps for foaming. Sulfonic acid, LABSA is using in detergent industries, in textile industry as a washing agent, pesticides industries to improve the quality of spray. Sulfonic acid, LABSA is not inflammable substance and can dissolve in water, but not in organic solvent.

Definition of Labsa-Sulfonic acid

Definition Sulfonic Acid, Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid (LABSA)

LABSA properties:

Appearance: Brown liquid

Boiling point: 315’C

CAS Number: 27176-87-0

Class: 8

Density: 1.06 g/ml

HS Code: 3402.11

Melting Point: 10°C

Molecular Formula: C18H30O3S

Trade Name: Sulfonic Acid

Chemical Name: Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid

Synonyms: LABSA;LABS; Laurylbenzenesulfonic Acid;Laurylbenzenesulfonate; Linear Alkyl benzene Sulphonic Acid; DDBSA; Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid; Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid

Formula labsa-sulfonic acid

The formula of Sulfonic acid is RS (=O) 2-OH, a sulfonic acid is a group of organ sulfur compounds

    R = Organic aryl or alkyl group

    S (=O) 2-OH = Sulfonyl hydroxide group

Specification of Labsa- Sulfonic Acid

Active ingredients

90% (Min.)

Free Sulphuric Acid

4-7% (Max)

Free Oil

1% (Max)

Color Klett

35 When packed (Max)

Density (gm/ml at 200c)



Light Yellow-Brown Liquid


Low Viscosity

Mean Molecular Mass

Average 326


Storage Sulfonic Acid| LABSA

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid Stored in cool, ventilated and dry place, kept away from sunshine and rain

Packing Sulfonic Acid| LABSA







210 Kgs/plastic Drum

80 Drums

16.80 MT

17.600 MT

215 Kgs/plastic Drum

80 Drums

17.20 MT

18.000 MT

1000 Kgs/IBC

18 IBC s

18.00 MT

19.152 MT

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid (LABSA) package by 200 kg

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid package by 210 kg

Sulfonic Acid package by 220 kg net plastic drum. It’s possible packing in pelleting for each 4 LABSA drums. However according to customer inquiries it is able to offer in Bulk.

Sulfonic Acid, LABSA Exporting Destinations:

ATDM are exporting Sulphonic Acid to African, European, South American, East Asian countries. ATDM lead to packing and exporting to mention above destinations, under Turkey authorization by the best LABSA raw materials in accordance with standard. If you want the updated price for LABSA or Sulfonic acid and knowing more about further details, please contact us.

Advantage of Sulfonic Acid, LABSA:

LABSA Excellent solubility even at low temperatures

LABSA has high power of foam

LABSA is a biodegradable.

Labsa-Sulfonic Acid application

Labsa, Sulfonic Acid is used in produce cleansers, light detergent, hard detergent, Liquid Soap, Cleaning powder, Scouring Bar, Oil soaps etc.

Sulfonic Acid, LABSA is used in produce various detergents and emulsifiers. It is used to increase the surface area of distempers

Sulfonic Acid, LABSA is used in produce cleaner of textile industry such as washing powder.

Labsa-Sulfonic Acid is used in produce industrial electronic, leather industry.

Sulfonic Acid, LABSA is used in produce paper-making industry.

Labsa, Sulfonic Acid can be used in produce detergent of dishware.

Sulfonic Acid, LABSA is used to produce alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium.

Warning LABSA, Sulfonic Acid

LABSA- Sulfonic acid is capable of causing eye, skin and lung irritation as well as burns in extreme cases. Thus, occupational exposure limits should be implemented for safe industrial practices.

When you work with sulfonic acid, LABSA, you must be caring you. Same as workplace that make use of sulfonic acid, LABSA should have enclosed operations with the use of local ventilation or exhaust to release the chemicals. You should be attention to warning information at the work area to communicate all the safety about this corrosive element.


Specification of Labsa- Sulfonic Acid

TDS Labsa- Sulfonic Acid

MSDS of Labsa- Sulfonic Acid

msds Labsa- Sulfonic Acid

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