Sodium Sulphate

General specification of Sodium Sulphate

Sodium sulphate, also known as sulfate of soda, is the inorganic compound with formula Na2SO4 as well as several related hydrates. All forms are white solids that are highly soluble in water.

Usage of sodium sulfate

Sodium sulphate is used to dry organic liquids. As a filler in powdered home laundry detergents. As a fining agent which removes small air bubbles from molten glass. Glauber’s salt, the decahydrate, was used as a laxative which removes certain drugs such as acetaminophen from the body.

Decahydrate sodium sulfate, known as the mineral mirabilite, widely used by chemical industry. Anhydrous sodium sulfate, known as the rare mineral thernadite, used as a drying agent in organic synthesis It is also known as Glauber’s salt.

Sodium Sulfate mainly used for the manufacture of detergents and in the Kraft process of paper pulping. Sodium Sulfate for Medicine and drugs making (Colloid or Fanon salt), Sodium Sulfate for animals feeding, Sodium Sulfate in fertilizer, Sodium Sulfate for feed supplement, Sodium Sulfate for metal melting, Sodium Sulfate for water treatment, Sodium Sulfate for leather industries

Sodium sulphate common name

Systematic nameSodium sulphate
Other namesSodium sulphate Salt cake Thenardite( mineral) Glauber’s salt(decahydrate) Sal mirabilis(decahydrate) Mirabilite(decahydrate0 Trona
Molecular formulaNa2SO4

Packing of the product

Our product is offered in grain size by 20,40,100,200 Mesh, then packed in Jumbo/Big bags.

Specifications of product

Sodium sulphate (as Na2SO4)99.5 Min
Matter Insoluble in Water0.01 Max
Chlorides (as NaCl)0.02 Max
Iron as Fe0.001 Max
Loss of Drying0.50 Max
Ph (of10% Solution)7.5-9.5
Iron, Aluminium & Chromium (as R203)0.02 Max
Moisture (%)0.02 Max
Bulk Density (Gm./CC)1.2-1.6
Loss On Ignition at 6000C< 0.05%
CaSO4 + MgSO4 (as Calcium)40 ppm
Sieve Test

+60 Mesh 0.70%

+100 Mesh 22.4%

+150 Mesh 70.4%

+240 Mesh 95.2%

DescriptionFree flowing white powder
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