Mild Extracted Solvate (MES) description

MES ,This environment friendly process oil is typically used as plasticizer, extender and general processing aid for natural and synthetic rubbers and other polymers.

Is used to improve the process ability of rubber compounds or to increase the bulk of rubber in order to lower cost. It also has enhanced solvency properties in comparison with the other paraffinic process oils with similar viscosity.

They can can be broadly classified into three basic groups namely, paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatics.  They are used in a large variety of finished products in the chemical and manufacturing industries.

It shows that rubber compounds are containing low pca oils including MES, TDAE, and heavy naphthenic oils is better than DAE since comprise higher amounts of high styrene SBR and still reach a comparable compound TG which will guarantee that the compound will still work effectively at lower temperatures such as encountered in the service life of a passenger tire.

Definition of types of tire process oils

Tire process oils are used in industry to improve their reparability and process ability. The solubility method is suitable for determining the solubility of substances.

Reverse chromatography was used to de solvate gases and plot solubility spheres for distilled aromatic extract (DAE), treated approximate aromatic extract (TDAE), mild solvent extraction (MES) and hydrotreated naphthenic oil (NAP). The results showed that despite the similarity of DAE and TDAE solubility choices in the temperature environment, increasing the temperature has become a significant difference. Compared to other oils, TDAE showed better compatibility with polar solvents.

Moreover, the specific properties do not show any special dependence on temperature for DAE, MES and NAP. Except polar solvents and TDAE. DAE had the highest compatibility with aromatic solvents.

As the temperature increased to more than 100 °C, the process trend between the oils and tween was the same for all the oils examined, with TDAE decreasing with increasing temperature while the others. An increase in the alkyl chain also increases the compatibility of the probes and can also interact with them.

Packing MES

MES rubber process oil is packed in new or used 180 kg drums , iso tank , flexi tanks and bulk shipments. Each 20 foot container takes 80 drum .

Characteristics of  Mild Extracted Solvate (MES)

Flash Point929KG/M3/tdASTM D-92
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 •c230cASTM D-445
Color14.2estASTM C-1500
Refractive Index Nd707.5.ASTM D-2159
Pour Point1.4948 ASTM D-97
Aniline Point,3cASTM D-611
PCA ‘86cIP346
Sulphur Content2.9%wtASTM D-2622
Acidity2%mASTM D-974
VGC0.106mg KOH/gASTM D-25011


Specification of Mild Extracted Solvate (MES)TDS MES


msds of Mild Extracted Solvate (MES)

msds MES

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