Cutback bitumen manufacturer in various grade medium curing


Cutback bitumen liquified asphalt medium curing MC medium curing

A cutback bitumen medium curing MC is simply a combination of bitumen 60/70 and petroleum solvent and called solvent base bitumen available in different curing time and setting for different climate and roads and isolations and waterproofing. Reason of using the bitumen is decreasing the viscosity and increase the penetration of bitumen on asphalt surface.

MC medium curing bitumen is medium curing liquid asphalt

Similar to emulsified asphalts, after a cutback asphalt is applied the petroleum solvent evaporates leaving behind asphalt cement residue on the surface to which it was applied. A cutback asphalt is said to “cure” as the petroleum solvent evaporates away. The use of cutback asphalts is decreasing because of environmental regulations.

Petroleum liquid bitumen asphalt

Cutback asphalts contain volatile chemicals that evaporate into the atmosphere. Emulsified asphalts evaporate water into the atmosphere.Loss of high energy products. The petroleum solvents used require higher amounts of energy to manufacture and are expensive compared to the water and emulsifying agents used in emulsified asphalts.In many places, cutback asphalt use is restricted to patching materials for use in cold weather.

Solvent based bitumen

Bitumen (Solvent base) is a physically drying bituminous coating, consisting of a selected grade of top quality bitumen. It provides excellent resistance to the aggressive action of chlorides, sulphates and other moisture borne contaminants on substrates. It has excellent wetting and adhesion properties on various substrates.

Usage of bitumen MC

It is mostly used as a protective coating on concrete and steel. It is also used as a protective membrane for concrete slabs. It is suitable for the surfaces like concrete, plaster, hollow blocks, brickwork, asbestos etc. It is applied on boundary walls to prevent capillary action of moisture and salt into the concrete surface from the bottom soil. Bitumen Paint does not require any special surface preparation

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