HDPE granule

Polyethylene HDPE granular supplier made in UAE

We are supplier of high quality HDPE granular in UAE since 1996 and deliver to most of pipe factories, film roll, master batch, paint, bottle, plastic tank and toys manufacturer.

What is High density polyethylene (HDPE)

This product is a polymer in thermoplastic category produced of ethylene gas. It is also called as polythene when used for producing plastic pipes. Because of high ratio of strength to density , it is suitable for plastic bottles and plastic lumber specially when it is recycled.
Density of HDPE will be from 930 to 970 kg/m3. The branching is small in it and causes strong intermolecular. HDPE is hard and can tolerate temperatures 120 °C/248 °F .
HDPE can not be solved easily and there should be some special solvents .
Molding process in producing procedure is very important in this product because it identifies it s resistance .
Drinking water and waste water pipings is the important usage of this kind of HDPE.

What you need from your HDPE supplier?

HDPE pipes are used for several purposes and so before looking for a manufacturer or supplier, you should know exactly where you want to use them. You should also know what dimensions you need and the number of pipes you need for your purpose.


Bottles , toys , pipes food and beverage containers are the major uses of it , ATDM is HDPE supplier which is suitable for blow molding uses and it is recyclable so very good for one time use applications .
HDPE is UV resistant too which protects plastic products from damaging by ray in out door application .

HDPE Packing

Solid product packing is usually bag, big bag, and jumbo bags and since the water and oil is extracted completely, there is no fear of leakage too.
Price of high density polyethylene 
Although this seems to be chemical product related to plastic and etc but the price is quite related to the oil world price.

Usage in other industries 

Chemical containers: With its chemical resistant properties, is great for laundry, shampoo, conditioner, household cleaning products, motor oil, antifreeze and recycling bins. The strength of these bottles is increased when they’ve been colored or pigmented.

Structure of HDPE is -CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-

Analysis and data sheet of HDPE


Test Method



Resin Properties


Melt Flow Rate

ASTM D 1238 @ 190 C, 2.16 kg


g/10 min


ASTM D 1505



Melting Point

ASTM D 2117



Vicat Softening Point

ASTM D 1525



Brittleness Temperature

ASTM D 746

< -60



ASTM D 1693 @ 50 C


hrs, F50


Physical properties

                                                   (Condition: Compression Molded, 25% Igepal)


Test Method



Film Properties


Tensile Strength at Yield

ASTM D 882

MD: -*, TD: 250*


Tensile Strength at Break

ASTM D 882

MD: 620*, TD: 310*


Tensile Modulus, 2% Secant

ASTM D 882

MD: 8200*, TD: 8000*


Elongation at Break

ASTM D 882

MD : 240*, TD : 450*


Elmendorf Tear Strength

ASTM D 1922

MD : 3*, TD : 80*


Dart Impact Strength

ASTM D 1709



(*) Properties obtained from film produced on a pilot line , 12 micron, BUR 5:1, MD = Machine Direction, TD = Transverse Direction

Note: Conversion factor for changing unit from kg/cm2 to MPa is divided by 10.2

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