Bitumen 10/20 is hard grade with penetration of 10 to 20


What is bitumen 10/20

Bitumen 10/20 is penetration grade of bitumen while most of customer make mistake with oxidized bitumen 115/15 cause penetration is between 10 to 20 thinking they are the same while softening point is quite different.Softening point of 10/20 is 76C approx. while 115/15 is between 110 to 120C!

The 10/20 using in road construction for special bindering and design while 115/15 can not be used directly in asphalt.

As you can see even some customer order 10/20 and mention 115/15 in the same time.

Bitumen 10/20

Softening point and penetration

Penetration grade bitumen supplied by ATDM is pure petroleum grade bitumen, manufactured from vacuum bottom by passing hot air. The bitumen supplied by ATDM is produced from remain of crude oil after cracking and removing hydrocarbon. Penetration grade bitumen 10/20 has penetration between 10~20 desi-millimeter and softening point between 58 ~ 66 c. The penetration grade it has a thermoplastic property which is like as synthetic resin material which gets softer with heating and hardens when cooled. This grade of the bitumen 10/20 has very strong viscosity compare to other grades.

Guaranty|warranty of bitumen

ATDM guaranty the quality with arrangement of international inspector to check quality and quantity of the bitumen during the loading to vessel and controlling the production by QC by batch test report before shipping. ATDM guaranty the quality to meet with ASTM/EN 12591.

The bitumen has superior stiffness, rutting and fatigue resistance compared to conventional asphalt with unmodified binder.

Application Benefits

It has results in cost effective, sustainable, and thinner pavements. Great care is taken to ensure that ATDM Penetration Grade the  10/20 maintains consistent composition and performance

ATDM 10/20 penetration grade is the hardest available binder, providing versatility in mix design.It is designed to be workable, and as a result easier to compact a targetted air voids in the field we offer to customers comprehensive technical support for mix design and performance testing.

Specification of bitumen 10/20 and differences with 115/15

Normally bitumen 115/15 packed in 25Kg bag craft or plastic bag or box but bitumen 10/20 is in drum or jumbo bag or bag.


Specification of Bitumen 10/20
Bitumen 10/20

MSDS of Bitumen 10/20

MSDS of Bitumen 10/20

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