Bitumen AH 130

Bitumen AH130

Meaning of Bitumen AH130:Paving the way to superior Infrastructure:

Bitumen AH130, a vital component in the realm of construction materials, is characterized by its distinct qualities, making it a preferred choice for various infrastructure projects. This specialized grade of bitumen is meticulously derived from crude oil through a refining process, offering specific characteristics that set it apart in the construction industry.

Distinguishing Features of Bitumen AH130:

Bitumen AH130 is recognized for its unique combination of viscosity, hardness, and binding properties, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Its attributes include:

  1. Penetration Range: Bitumen AH130 typically falls within a specific penetration range, providing an indication of its consistency and workability in different temperatures and conditions.
  2. Softening Point: The softening point of Bitumen AH130 is a crucial parameter, influencing its performance in various applications. This characteristic is carefully controlled to ensure optimal results in diverse construction scenarios.
  3. Binding Power: Bitumen AH130 is known for its powerful binding capabilities. This feature makes it a preferred choice for creating strong bonds between aggregates, a crucial aspect in the production of asphalt and other construction materials.

Different Between AH130 and AH110

The distinctions between Bitumen 130 and Bitumen 110 lie in their specific penetration ranges, softening points, and viscosity characteristics. Bitumen 130, known for its reliable binding properties and optimal softening point, serves as a fundamental binder in road construction, contributing to the durability of road surfaces and the production of high-quality asphalt mixtures. Conversely, Bitumen 110, with its tailored properties, plays a vital role in road construction and asphalt mixtures, offering unique characteristics that influence the cohesion and strength of the final asphalt product. Both grades cater to diverse construction needs, providing nuanced choices for projects requiring specific performance attributes.



Applications of Bitumen AH-130

Bitumen AH130 finds widespread use in several construction applications, including:

  • Road Construction: Bitumen AH130 serves as a fundamental binder in road construction, contributing to the durability and resilience of road surfaces. Its ability to create robust bonds between aggregates ensures the longevity of road infrastructure.
  • Asphalt Mixtures: A key ingredient in the production of asphalt mixtures, Bitumen AH130 plays a crucial role in creating high-quality hot mix asphalt (HMA). This asphalt mixture is extensively used for surfacing roads, parking lots, and various paved areas.
  • Roofing Materials: Bitumen AH130 is employed in the manufacturing of roofing materials such as asphalt shingles and roofing felt. Its waterproofing properties make it a suitable choice for protecting buildings from water damage.
  • Waterproofing Applications: Due to its water-resistant properties, Bitumen AH130 is utilized in the production of waterproofing materials. These materials find applications in foundations, basements, and other structures where water protection is essential.
  • Pavement Sealants and Coatings: Bitumen AH130 is incorporated into pavement sealants and coatings, enhancing the durability and longevity of paved surfaces. This application ensures that the paved areas can withstand the challenges of varied weather conditions and heavy traffic loads.
  • Industrial Uses: Bitumen AH130 is employed in various industrial applications, including corrosion protection for pipes and tanks. Its unique properties make it effective in providing a protective layer against environmental factors.

Explore AH130 Pricing and Our Shipping Methods

 For the most current rates and potential discounts based on order quantities of Bitumen AH130, please connect with our sales department. We are dedicated to providing competitive pricing that reflects the superior quality and performance of our premium-grade asphalt.

Mode of Shipments:

We offer flexible shipment options to cater to diverse project needs for Bitumen AH130. Conveniently shipped in bulk vessels, containers, truck tankers, bitutainer drums, and jumbo bags depending on project specifications, our product is adaptable to your requirements. Whether you prefer sea freight or land transportation, our devoted logistics team ensures the secure and timely delivery of Bitumen AH130 to your specified destination. To discuss detailed shipping arrangements and associated costs, please get in touch with our logistics department. Our commitment goes beyond product excellence, striving to deliver a seamless and reliable experience throughout the procurement process for Bitumen AH130.

  • Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) when handling  Bitumen AH70 (i.e. gloves, eye protectors, etc.)
  • Maintain safe heating temperatures when using AH70 Bitumen.
  • Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing
  • Avoid breathing vapor, spray, or mists when applying.

Diverse Packaging Options:

ATDMCO offers a range of Bitumen packaging options.

drums (150 kg,180Kg, 200.210)


Ensure the safe journey of Bitumen AH130 from loading to its destination with our purpose-designed drums, crafted to guarantee secure handling at every step.

Bitumen Jumbo Bags (300 Kg, 1000 kg)


Safely transporting Bitumen AH130 from loading to its final destination is best achieved through the use of jumbo bags. These bags are specifically designed for bitumen, ensuring secure handling throughout the entire process.

Metal Tin Cans

Metal tin cans
Bitumen metal tin cans provide durable and secure storage for bituminous products, ensuring longevity and protection against external elements.
Bulk Vessels (1500 MT to 70000 

bulk vessel

Truck Tanker (22 to 26 MT with Heating Elements)

truck tankers
Shipping bitumen by truck tanker with heating elements ensures efficient transportation and delivery, preventing the material from solidifying during transit. This method not only maintains the bitumen’s desired consistency but also allows for precise temperature control, optimizing usability upon arrival at the destination.

Specifications of bitumen AH130

Penetration 25°C1/10 Millimeters (mm)80-130ASTM D5
Softening PointDegree Celsius (°C)45-52ASTM D36
Density, 15°CKilogram per Cubic Meter (kg/m³)1.000 minASTM D71/D3289
Ductility, 15°C, 5CM/MINCentimetersMin 100ASTM D113
Flash PointDegree Celsius (°C)Min 225ASTM D92
Dynamic Viscosity 60°CPoisesMin 130ASTM D2171
Ductility, 10°C, 5CM/MINCentimetersMin 20ASTM D113
Solubility in TrichloroethyleneWeight Percentage (WT%)



ASTM D 2042
Penetration Index-1.5/1.0
Ductility, 25°C,  After Thin Film ovenCentimeters per second (cm/s)Min 100ASTM D113

Specification of bitumen AH130

Specification of Bitumen AH130

MSDS of Bitumen AH130

MSDS of Bitumen AH130

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