Tire oil


What is tire oil?

Tire oil a product obtained by condensing the oil gas decomposed by the high-temperature process. The oil is widely used as industrial fuel to substitute furnace oil or industrial diesel. It can be also called tire pyrolysis oil, crude TPO, tire pyrolytic oil, etc.
TPO is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons (HC), and it is one of the useful fractions obtained from the pyrolysis of waste tires (WT).

As a result of its high energy density (HHV ~ 43 MJ/kg), TPO use as a fuel in combustion systems is a promising approach for recycling WT.

What are the uses of tire pyrolytic oil?

IT has high heating value(10592.48Kcal/kg), so it can be used directly to replace fuel oil for industrial or boiler heating, and cement plants, glass factories, ceramic factories, brick factories, heavy oil power plants, steel factories, and warm supply center and so on.

Why is oil used in tires?

It not only gives the tire its color but also helps with heat dissipation. It is a filler material that is produced at high temperatures. They use combustion air, which is a source of oxygen to burn fuel, and burn it together with hydrocarbon fuel, which is oil or gas.

What is the chemical composition of Pyrolysis oil?

Scrap it composed of complex mixture of hydrocarbon consisting of C6-C37 (linear paraffins),C8-C13 (low concentration of alkenes), non-condensed butadiene, pentene, pentadiene and isoprene, high amount of aromatics, naphthene\’s and terpenes particularly limonene, benzene, toluene xylene, alkylated single …

Moreover, pyrolysis oil contains various trace elements and impurities, including sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, and metals such as iron, nickel, and vanadium. These impurities can affect the quality and properties of the oil, requiring careful purification and refining processes to meet specific standards and requirements for various applications.

The chemical composition of pyrolysis oil can vary depending on the feedstock and pyrolysis conditions used in its production. Understanding and controlling these factors are essential for optimizing the yield, quality, and suitability of pyrolysis oil for different industrial and energy applications, including fuel production, chemical synthesis, and waste management initiatives. 



Specification of Tire oil

TDS of Tire oil


MSDS of  tire oil

MSDS of Tire oil


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