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Structure of  tile glue:

 Tile glue ,Structure it is based on acrylic emulsion resins. It has a very high adhesion capability; besides, Tile glue is impermeable against water after getting dry.

Kind of tile glues

  • Paste
  • Powder
  • Special powder
  • Pool tile glue
  • Concrete repairer
  • Special concrete repairer
  • Clause powder

Advantages this glue:

•    High adhesion

•    suitable resilience

•    Impermeable against water

•    Resistance against coldness and heat

•    Sticking for old tiles

Applications of product

Fine-facade tile

Ceramics installation

Capability of installation on cement, plaster and stone surfaces

Tile installation on the tile

Using in bathroom

Using in kitchen

Using in hallways

Storage and Packaging the product

Title glue is stored in main packing containers in +10 and +40

It is offered in 4 lit, 10 lit and 20 lit containers.

Notice tile glue:

Never use it in water retaining structures such as pool. You can use powder  glue for this case.

Do not use in winter or cold areas at temperatures below 7 ° C.

Do not use direct sunlight in the summer.

Eyes and hands should be covered with glasses and gloves.

In case of eye contamination, rinse it with cold water.

If you use glue on horizontal surfaces, after installing the desired materials and passing 72 hours after installation, you can move on the surface.

Paste tile glue:

It is used to stick tiles in the indoor of the building. It based on emulsion resins, mineral powders and lubricants for internal surfaces, ceramic tiles, stones , tiles, cement, concrete, plaster, toilets, kitchens, exhibitions, staircases, lobbies , Corridors, rooms and hospitals.

• White color

• Easy to use

• Ready to use

• Excellent workability

• Extremely adhesive

Technical Information paste tile glue:

Appearance paste tile : white dough/paste

Density: 1/7 kg/lit

Open time: More than 20 minutes at a temperature of 23-25

Adhesion strength: 0. 5 MPa

Drying time: 24 hours

Points to use paste tile glue

• Use in the temperature range 5-40 degrees Celsius.

• Not suitable for use in pools.

• Suitable to use in indoor spaces.

Duration of storage: up to 12 months

Storage conditions: Storage in a cool and dry place

Package the product: 12 kg

Powder tile glue:

It is made based on cement and minerals. It becomes pasty after mixing with water. It is perfectly waterproof and impermeable against wetness.

Application powder tile glue:

Powder tile glue used in installation of tile, ceramic and stone on concrete, cement, plaster and stone surfaces, in pool, tile installation on the tile.

Advantages powder tile :

Very high adhesion

Suitable flexibility

Waterproof after drying

Special powder glue

Special powder of is ideal for the installation of ceramic tiles, glass, sheet gems, marble rocks, and natural gems.

Properties powder tile glue:

Easy to use

With sealing properties

Non-flammable, non-toxic

Fast snap

Consumption Special powder tile glue: 4-5 kg / m using a 6mm x 6mm groove

Duration: Not up to 36 months in the original bag

Storage conditions Special the product: Keep in a cool, dry place.

Package Special powder glue: 25kg

Application special powder glue

To install floor tiles and walls inside and outside the building

Install tile, marble or natural stone on brick surfaces

For tile in the floor and wall (interior and exterior of the building)

Due to its water-sealing properties, it can be used to install tiles in areas related to baths, washbasins and the like.

Pool tile glue

Pool tile glue for swimming pool and outdoor .This product consisting of a cement-based powder component, special gravel, additives, resin composites that create high adhesion and high performance .

It is a liquid component based on acrylic resins that creates polymer layers. It is homogeneous and flexible as well as highly waterproof, moisture-proof.

It is a product that is very suitable for the insulation of sanitary facilities and pools and structures that are adjacent to and even immersed in water.

Description pool tile glue

The powdered adhesive after mixing with the latex acrylic supplement turns into a usable uniform paste that has very tensile strength and adhesion.

The dough /paste obtained in thin layers is used to attach tiles, ceramics, natural stone, artificial stone, antique gems to common surfaces such as cement plaster, plaster, stone, mosaic and old tile.

This two-component adhesive contains special resins and acrylic polymers that have elastic properties and high flexibility and are able to absorb structural motions without creating any cracking or fracturing.

Applications pool tile glue

1- Installation of tile, ceramic in swimming pools, sanitary facilities, bath and shower

2- Installing stone in the facades of buildings, water pipes and floor of buildings

3- Installation of prefabricated concrete parts

4- Performing insulation of sanitary ware, baths, swimming pools, waterfalls, water tanks, water channels

Advantages pool tile glue

– Fast and easy implementation, reducing the cost of insulation and installation and high adhesion to various types of tiles, ceramics.

– Resistant to water and humid environment/waterproof

– Can be used in thin layers

– It has enough time to install

– Excellent adhesion and high durability

– Economic efficiency


Specification of  Tile Glue Adhesive

TDS Tile glue

msds of  Tile Glue Adhesive

MSDS Tile glue

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