Slack wax light grade 10%


General description of slack wax light grade 10% oil content

Slack wax light grade 10% oil content is yellow or brown , easy melt able product. Slack wax light 10% oil content is one of the products of refineries which was considered as rubbish about 20 years ago but now a days even there is long line of orders for this product .

light grade is a mixture of paraffin wax and oil.

Uses of slack wax light 10% oil content

light grade 10% oil slack wax is mostly used to produce different grades of paraffin wax by two processes: decolorizing and de-oiling.

Slack wax 10% oil content light grade is also used to produce matches.

Slack waxes with oil content below 10% are used for manufacturing of religious candles. It is the crude wax produced by chilling and solvent filter-pressing wax distillate.

There are basically three types of slack wax produced, the type depending on the viscosity of the lube oil being de-waxed: low neutral, medium neutral, and heavy neutral.

Packing of  light 10% oil content

Packing slack wax light 10% oil content is new or second hand 180 kg drums, ISO tank or flexi each 20 foot container 110 drums of slack wax can be loaded .

Guaranty/warranty of slack wax light 10% oil content

ATDM guaranty the quality of slack wax light 10% oil content with arrangement of international inspector to check quality and quantity of slack wax light 10% during the loading to vessel and controlling the production by QC by batch test report before shipping. ATDM guaranty the quality to meet with ASTM .

Analysis of slack wax light 10% oil content




Test method

Kinematic viscosity @100 °c



Astm d-445

Flash point



Astm d-92

Specific gravity 25 °c/25 °c


Astm d-190

Oil content



Astm d-721

Congealing point



Astm d-937



Astm d-1500

Drop melting point



Astm d-127



Specification of Slack Wax light Grade 10%


MSDSD of Slack Wax light Grade 10%

MSDS of Slack Wax light Grade 10%

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