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Sulfur-Sulphur, ATDM is a global supply organization providing integrated chemical procurement services with a level of certainty and trust, which makes ATDM Co., stands unique. One of our products is sulfur, Sulphur. Three groups of sulfur are produced:

Sulfur powder

Granules sulfur

Lump sulfur

Sulfur powder

Getting sulfur-sulphur powder is typically at least a two-step process that starts with elemental, or mineral, sulfur; once this has been identified, it must be refined and ground down into a fine dust. Sulfur can be found in nature, and has traditionally been mined from volcanoes and salt domes.

In modern times the element is more readily collected as a residue or by-product of petroleum mining and oil refining, though. The latter is sometimes strictly considered “natural” while the former called “synthetic,” but either will make a powder when processed.

Granules Sulphur

The sulfur granules of actinomycosis and actinobacillosis were studied histologically and ultra-structurally. The sulfur granule of actinomycosis was large, and oval or horsehoe-shaped. In it, there were a number of gram-positive, filamentous or short rod-like hyphae beneath clubs.

Ultra structurally, the center of the sulfur granule was composed of a cluster of hyphae, and the periphery was surrounded by clubs arranged radially. The clubs were made of electron-dense fine granules and had a degenerated hypha at the center.

These granules varied in amount from small to large. As for the host reaction, neutrophil infiltration appeared first around the sulfur granule. Then epithelioid cells proliferated and phagocytized hyphae.

lump Sulfur

Sulphur Lump is excessively required for a variety of applications in numerous industries such as Chemical industry.

We are actively engaged in offering the finest quality Sulphur Lump to our clients.

As we believe in offering the best, we leave no stone unturned to acquire Sulphur Lump from the most reliable vendors only.

Chemical description Sulfur-sulphur:

Chemical Formula of sulfur: S

Other names: Sulphur, sulfur, Sulphur

Appearance: Powder, Granular, Lump

Sulfur: Liquid, powder, gas, granule

Color: Bright Yellow & Yellow

Sulfur: a non-metallic element, soft

Sulfur melts at 108 degrees Celsius

Sulfur means “burning stone” in reference to its source from volcanoes and that it burns so easily.

When sulfur is burned it combines with oxygen producing sulfur dioxide, SO2, which has a sharp pungent smell.

Sulfur has a very low in thermal conductivity (that means sulfur could not transfer heat very well. If you touch sulfur, your hand will cause a sulfur crystal to crack because the crystal’s surface warms faster than the interior.

Use Sulfur-Sulphur:

Sulfur needs to produce sulfuric acid. Phosphate fertilizers, rubber. Sulfur is used in producing fireworks, used in producing firecrackers, and fungicides. Sulfur is used as a bleaching agent, disinfectant, and refrigerant.

Improvement of saltines and alkaline soils of agriculture with the consumption of sulfur mineral fertilizers. Sulfur decreases PH in agricultural soils/ farmer soils.
You can produce organic crops, organic vegetables, and organic fruit with sulfur. Improve performance and product quality. When you use sulfur in your farming land, it’s possible for you that you can save water. Improvement of saltines and alkaline agriculture soils.

Sulfur is used to product : Sodium dithionite,Na2S2O,Sulfurous acid,H2SO3,Thiosulfates (S2O3-2>-),thionic acid (H2S2O6),polyphonic acids, (H2SnO6 ),Peroxymonosulfuric acid, peroxydisulfuric acids, Thiocyanogen,(SCN)2,Tetra sulfur tetra nitride S4N4

Packing of sulfur sulfur

Sulfur according to customer order / customer inquiry

Packing weight Mineral sulfur: 25-50 kg bag

Packing: Bulk or bag / 1MT jumbo bag

Sulfur Sulfur export

ATDM Transport Mineral Sulfur and Mineral Sulfur Exporting to African, European, South, American, East Asian, and Other countries.

Buy sulfur-sulphur

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Sulfur price

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More information about sulfur

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Warning work with sulfur

When you work with sulfur

Be careful when working with carbon dioxide sulfide, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide, in addition to being completely toxic (more toxic than cyanide), reacts with the blue in the atmosphere and creates acid rain.

If the concentration of this element is high, it immediately leads to death by stopping at the tail and exhalation. Sulfur quickly ignores the sense of smell and thus the victims may not be aware of it.

Specification of the product

2Ash Content(WT%)MAX0.05BS-4113
5ACIDITY (AS H2SO4) (WT%)MAX 0.02ISO 3704
8MESH SIZE  2-6 MMMIN 90%ISO 8397
9MESH SIZE  >6.0 MMMAX 10%ISO 8397
10MESH SIZE  <2.0 MMMAX 10 %ISO 8397



Specification of sulfur- Sulfur

tds sulphur

msds of sulfur-Sulfur

msds sulphur

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