slack wax heavy grade 12%



General description of slack wax heavy grade 12% oil content

Heavy grade 12% oil content slack wax has higher melting and congealing points compared to light Category slack wax. Slack wax with heavy 12% oil content is the product of petroleum refining, in last years heavy slack wax was considered a waste of the refineries and they paid to get rid of this product but now heavy slack wax 12% oil content is so useful that most of the refineries slack wax is booked and purchased some months before producing.

Uses of 12% oil content

Slack wax with a 12% oil content is utilized in the production of wax emulsions and polishing boards, as well as in cable filling, paraffin wax,  and PVC industries. Additionally, it serves as binders and waterproofing agents in artificial woods.”

Packing of slack wax heavy tier 12% oil content

Packing of this grade is a drum in the summertime and can be poly amide bags during cold seasons to prevent any deformation and leakage during delivery.

Guaranty/warranty of 12% oil content

ATDM guarantees the quality of slack wax oil content with the arrangement of an international inspector to check the quality and quantity of slack wax heavy grade during the loading to the vessel and control the production by QC by batch test report before shipping. ATDM guarantees the quality to meet with ASTM.

Analysis of slack wax  heavy grade 12% oil content




Test method

Kinematic viscosity @100 °c



Astm d-445

Flash point



Astm d-92

Specific gravity 25 °c/25 °c


Astm d-190

Oil content



Astm d-721

Congealing point



Astm d-937



Astm d-1500

Drop melting point



Astm d-127



Specification of Slack Wax heavy grade 12%

MSDS of Slack Wax heavy grade 12%

MSDS of Slack Wax 12%

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