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Bitumen AH70

Meaning of Bitumen AH 70

Bitumen AH70 is high quality asphalt, derived from crude petroleum refining. AH70 Bitumen is dark in color and possesses waterproofing and adhesive properties. It is substantially non-volatile and softens gradually when heated. This particular quality makes it an ideal choice for various applications, allowing for easy incorporation into asphalt mixes. The controlled softening ensures the adaptability of Bitumen AH70 to different climates, enhancing its usability in construction projects worldwide. The versatile nature of AH70 positions it as a reliable and resilient solution for paving, contributing to the longevity and performance of road surfaces.

Uses of bitumen AH70

Bitumen grade AH70 is used as binders of mineral aggregates in asphalt concrete and hot laid plant mix for highways, airports, parking areas, driveways, and curbs.

Bitumen grade AH-70 is used as binders of mineral aggregates in asphalt concrete and hot laid plant mix for highways, airports, parking areas, driveways, and curbs. Its exceptional binding properties ensure the durability of road infrastructure, providing strength and resilience in diverse traffic conditions. Whether for major highways or local driveways, Bitumen AH70 delivers consistent and long-lasting results, meeting the stringent requirements of modern construction standards.


When handling Bitumen AH70, it is imperative to prioritize safety through the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) such as gloves and eye protectors. Maintaining safe heating temperatures is crucial to ensure optimal handling conditions. To minimize risks, it is essential to avoid direct contact with skin, eyes, and clothing during the handling process. Additionally, precautions should be taken to avoid the inhalation of vapor, spray, or mists generated during application. Here are the key points for safely and effectively handling Bitumen AH70.

Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s): Wear appropriate PPEs, including gloves and eye protectors, to safeguard against direct contact and potential splashes.

Maintain Safe Heating Temperatures: Ensure that heating temperatures are within the recommended safe range to prevent hazards and facilitate proper application.

Avoid Contact with Skin, Eyes, and Clothing: Take precautions to prevent direct contact with Bitumen AH70 to minimize the risk of irritation or injury.

Avoid Breathing Vapor, Spray, or Mists: During application, steer clear of inhaling any vapors, sprays, or mists emitted by Bitumen AH70, and work in well-ventilated areas when possible.

By adhering to these key points, you contribute to a safe working environment and mitigate potential risks associated with handling Bitumen AH70.


Price of AH70 and Mode of Shipment


For current rates and any applicable discounts based on order quantities of Bitumen AH70, please contact our sales department. We strive to offer competitive pricing that aligns with the quality and performance of our superior-grade asphalt.

Mode of Shipments:

We provide flexible shipment options to accommodate diverse needs. Bitumen AH70 can be conveniently shipped in drums, jumbo bags, or bulk vessels, depending on project requirements. Whether you opt for sea freight, air cargo, or land transportation, our dedicated logistics team ensures the secure and timely delivery of Bitumen AH70 to your specified destination. To discuss detailed shipping arrangements and associated costs, kindly get in touch with our logistics department. Our commitment extends beyond product quality to provide a seamless and reliable experience throughout the procurement process.


Available grade of bitumen AH70 in 0.6 mm thickness, 180 kg net weight drums, 95 cm height and 45 cm diameter (+/- 3 kg operational tolerance)

Specifications of bitumen AH70

Specification of Bitumen AH-70
Penetration 25°C1/10 Millimeters (mm)70-80ASTM D5
Softening PointDegree Celsius (°C)Min 42ASTM D36
Density, 15°CKilogram per Cubic Meter (kg/m³)1.000/1.060ASTM D70
Ductility, 15°C, 5CM/MINCentimetersMin 100ASTM D113
Flash PointDegree Celsius (°C)Min 260ASTM D92
Dynamic Viscosity 60°CPoisesMin 130ASTM D2171
Ductility, 10°C, 5CM/MINCentimetersMin 20ASTM D113
Solubility in TrichloroethyleneWeight Percentage (WT%)Min 99.5ASTM D 2042
Penetration Index-1.5/1.0
Ductility, 25°C, 5CM/MINCentimetersMin 6ASTM D113

Specification of Bitumen AH70

Specification of Bitumen AH 70 


MSDS of Bitumen AH70

MSDS of Bitumen AH 70

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