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wood glue

Wood glue, most of they are a type of polyvinyl acetate (PVA). Also sometimes called carpenter\’s glue, it is formulated to penetrate wood fibers, making glue joints that are stronger than the wood itself. It is a water-based glue, water-based adhesive. The main Component is Polyvinyl acetate emulsion water, filler. Waterproof Glue is fine for most outdoor projects which come in both PVA and polyurethane formulas. Wood glue and waterproof glue are plenty strong and stand up to the weather.

The best wood glue:

The Best glue, excellent adhesion to kind of wood (medium, soft) processed board, leather, cloth, felt, paper, cardboard, cork and most other porous materials. It clean up with water easily, solvent-resistant, its set fast, short clamp time. It is water cleanup and non-toxic

Packing the product

Wood glue size depends request from customer but the normal size is: Packing size 0.5 kg: 375gr ± 10 gr Packing size 1 kg: 725g ± 25 gr Small bucket 50 kg: 50 kg ± 3000 gr Large bucket 100 kg: 100 ± 8000 gr Packing size 200 kg Kind of the product: PVA (polyvinyl acetate), PVA\’s are the traditional wood glues Polyurethane glue, Polyurethane glue is one of the best of this product, waterproof glues available

Wood glue information

When you want to buy this product, you need to know the information about it same as manufacturer country, manufacturing factory, chemical composition, solid content of it, viscosity of it , minimum film forming temperature MFT, aperance of it , PH \’s of it  , density of it, cold resistance for it, condition of warehousing , these information is  informed to you by buyer . Appearance: The cream color mucilage PH for it: 7-5 Cold resistance for it: at least 5 °C It is different the solid content, we can division it base on solid content in six groups: 20%, 25%, 30%, 40%, 50% Solid content: 25% solid content mainly uses in the printing, the paper box processing, the handicraft. 30% solid content use available in paper processing, fabric industry, cement intensifier, handicraft production. 40% solid content is used for wood processing, cigarette and sizing of fabric. 50% solid content use  for water-solubility construction coating raw material, to the lumber, paper industry,  leather industry, cement industry and, the foamplastics

Storage for wood glue

This product should be stored at temperature 5-37? in sealed non-metal container. The shelf life is one year, you know that it is as flammable products so must care in preserve and transport as.

Description the product

Brand: Original Product origin: … Product type: wood glue Container Size: 1 gal. /as you wish Material type: Liquid Curing time: 24 hr. Color: Yellow Solvent resistant: Yes Indoor and outdoor: Indoor Adhesion level: High Strength Nonflammable: Yes Bonds: wood, hardwood, particle board, leather, cloth and most other porous materials Color when dry: Translucent UV resistant: Yes Delivery time: 25-35 DAYS Supply capacity: 100 TON/MONTH

Specification wood glue:

Appearance The cream color mucilage, does not have the obvious granule and the eye winker PH wood glue: 4-6 Viscosity(25?): 5000 ± 45000 Percent solids (%): 37.0 – 35.0 Drying time (min): 30 – 25 Specific gravity at 20 ° C: 0.005 ± 1.060 Solvent: water The nature of the film after drying: soft and clear

The product price

For taking updated price for it and knowing more about further details, please contact us by WhatsApp, email, phone, because as you know that’s different

Warning wood glue and method use it:

You should wear gloves while using it. Its messy stuff. The iron packing is prohibited The suitable temperature should be 10 ? or above. Clean and wipe the bottle mouth clean after use, close and cover rapidly for usage The water content of it should be controlled between 8~15%,because the other water content will affect the viscosity quality. When you want to use it, the joint surface must be clean, dry. Then the wood glue spreads on the joint surface, presses till solidification Do not get into mouth and keep our reach of kids. First the surface must be clean and dry, Spread the wood glue on surface, presses both the surface till solidification, hold for 24 hours under the room temperature.yes
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