Sodium Tripolyphosphate STPP

STPP Sodium Tripolyphosphate one of the popular additives and ingredients in detergent industry in most countries. STPP ,melting point 622 degrees Celsius, easily dissolves in water, It has outstanding chelating capacity to calcium and magnesium ions, etc., and can soften hard water to turn the suspension solution into a clear solution. It is weakly alkaline but not corrosive. It is a surfactant and has excellent emulsification to lubricants and fat. STPP uses in the production of synthetic detergents, and its content is between detergent powders. Prevents the re-deposition of solid particles and immersion, as well as the role of alkali in their STPP detergent powders at the water surface. Sodium Tripolyphosphate used in detergent as assistant agent and as synergist for soap. It also can be used to adjust the PH value of buffer soap solution ,Bleaching protectant and deodorant can improve bleaching effect and remove odor from metal ions.

Sodium Tripolyphosphate Specification:

Specifications Unit Result
Appearance Free Flowing Powder, free of contamination
Density Gr/cm3 0.99
P2O3 % 56.65
Moisture % 0.02
PH Value % 9.8
Phase % 34
Insoluble Matter % 0.25
Loss of Ignition % 0.08
Purity % 96.31
Other Phosphates % <4
Particle Size % Mesh 20 2 %
Mesh 40 3 %
Mesh 100 28.58
Mesh 200 38.34
Fine 28.08
Heavy Metals Ppm <3
Fe % 0.012
Arsentc Ppm <5
Whiteness 89.43

Packaging the product

ATDMCO company Packaging  product on 25 kg/bag.
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