How ATDM grow from start till today and now one of the well known company in field of export and exported million tons of commodity! Our terget is construction of new refinery in port Feburary, 2021

2021 we came to Qatar

We have stablished PMB factory in Qatar Feburary, 2021 September, 2020

Third refinery

the third refinery jointed to develop September, 2020 March, 2019

Ankara office opened

Turkey office opned to support Mediteranian customer March, 2019 March, 2018

Singapore Brach

Singapore branch open uner 3Q Brand March, 2018 March, 2017

Corporated our company in Dubai

We opened our company in Dubai UAE to support global market March, 2017 December, 2016

established second refinery on oxidized bitumen

We have developed large refinery to produce oxidized bitumen December, 2016 February, 2015

Thousands of tons petroleum product exported

Volume shipmemt has been efftect on 2015 February, 2015 January, 2014

Purchased share of refinery

Now we have refinery! January, 2014 April, 2013

New sales team jointed to ATDM

New lovely colleagues jointed to ATDM April, 2013 May, 2012

Golden year of ATDM

Golden year of ATDM team May, 2012 July, 2011

Other commodity added to our sales basket

Other petroleum commodity added to our sales list July, 2011 August, 2010

Jumped to targe

A lot of order came August, 2010 October, 2009

Our hope was exporting 1000MT commodity

Our target was 1000MT to ship somewhere October, 2009 November, 2008

First order came

Finally after continues work first order come from USA! November, 2008 December, 2007

No money on 2007

After long time work even 1 customer didn’t purchase 1$! December, 2007 January, 2006

2006 Started our business

We Start our business January, 2006
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