Bitumen manufacturer 60/70 vg-40 ah-70 115/15 ac-10 pg pmb asphalt additives & Gilsonite 


Gilsonite natural asphalt for fluid loss control and cementing oil base mud additive and asphalt stabilizer

Gilsonite is natural asphalt and mineral product using widely in several industrial sectors and most of usage is in oil well drilling as lubricant and cooling agent to make easy the round the drilling rod and getting temperature of the rod coming down.It is helping the well against damage and fluid lost.In the asphalt it is work as like as cement and in hot season prevent movement in the roads also preventing rutting and break.Gilsonite in foundry sector working as glue and keep the sands stable and make surface of mold smooth.In the paint application it is working on steel and wood so color would be more shinny than other varnisher meanwhile it is protecting the surface with very high stickiness. There is a general using in shoe industry which is using as shiner, protector of surface against the humidity and dust also make flexibility due solid oil content. Gilsonite named natural asphalt too and in ink business use as stabilizer of ink and increase the stickiness on the paper.

Oxidized bitumen (Blown asphalt) 115/15 90/40 110/30 90/15 95/25 85/25 75/25 90/10 150/5 85/40

We are producing oxidized bitumen by air blown system to make hard hydrocarbon in various softening point and penetration. Oxidized bitumen is available in various packing including 25kg meltable bag, craft bag and steel drum also bulk vessel. We can supply oxidized bitumen in 25 Kg plastic bag or craft bag also drum and carton box block. Blown asphalt using in sealant as crack sealer of asphalt cable cover, insulation and isolation.Blown asphalt has three types of soft , medium and hard and categorized by softening point and penetration.Available grade:Blown asphalt 150/5 , it is 150 as softening point and 5 as penetration.Oxidized bitumen 115/15 , it is 115 as softening point and 15 as penetration also 90/40, 95/25, 90/15. 85/40,85/35,85/25,75/25.

Bitumen A70 AH70 AH50 AH90 AH110 AND AH130

Bitumen grades  A-70 AH-70 AH-90, AH-50, AH-110, AH-130 are a sticky, black, and highly viscous form of petroleum asphalt. It is used in various applications, including road construction, roofing, and waterproofing. Bitumen A-70 which is most used grade can contain various hydrocarbons, including aromatics, but it is not typically referred to as “Aryl Hydrocarbon Bitumen and abbreviation is AH.It is often used in areas with moderate to heavy traffic loads and is designed to withstand the stresses and strains imposed by vehicles over time. This grade of bitumen offers a balance between stiffness and flexibility, ensuring that road surfaces remain stable and durable, even under challenging conditions.

Road straight asphalt for pavement bitumen 60/70 80/100 PG VG 30 & 40 PMB MC30 MC70 RC70 and SS1 K160

Bitumen has several types and grade but 70% of usage is in road construction. Road construction has different step and using emulsion, cutback as basement and pavement and then penetration bitumen mixture with aggregates.Penetration bitumen: Bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 80/100 also 90/130 and 160/220 is soft grade of bitumen with high viscosity and categorizing by penetration. For instance bitumen 60/70 means penetration is between 60 to 70 and bitumen 80/100 is penetration bitumen with penetration between 80 to 100. Bitumen 60/70 and other grades is possible to ship it in bag and drum also bulk. Cutback and emulsion bitumen: Cutback bitumen is mixture of bitumen with solvent like MC30 MC70 RC70 MC3000 and depends on temperature and basement condition using slow curing, medium curing and rapid curing.Emulsion bitumen is mixture of bitumen with water including emulsifier additives to keep stable to mixture famous grades are CSS1 SS1H and K170. The emulsion type is consisting of anionic emulsion and cationic grade slow setting, medium setting and rapid setting.Bitumen PG grade PG70-16 PG70-10 PG64-16 PG64-22 and PG58-34 is performance grade of bitumen which is replaced to all other old style grade of bitumen to work easily on high temperature and resist to break in low temperature.PMB polymer modified bitumen is blend of bitumen 60/70 with specific grade of SBS Styrene butadiene styrene in very special temperature and pressure.

Other Products

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is quite famous in all families for skin protection. Cosmetic and medical and industrial grtade

Cable jelly

Cable jelly is a product to cover electricity wires against humidity and rain.

Paraffin wax

Paraffin wax mostly is used for candle, all candles are made of paraffin wax and other name is candle wax.

Foots oil

Foots oil is mostly used for matches factories to make matches to burn easily.

Slack wax

Slack wax is mostly used for floor cover shining.Slack wax with high oil content and low content called heavy and light.

Liquid paraffin

Liquid paraffin (white oil) is used in all creams, lip sticks, oily injections in cosmetic industry.

Micro crystalline wax

Micro crystalline wax is mostly used for glue manufacturing.

Paraffin products

Paraffin products encompass a wide range of items derived from paraffin wax, a white or colorless soft solid derived from petroleum, coal, or shale oil. Here are some common paraffin products:


Paraffin wax is frequently used as the main ingredient in candle making due to its ability to burn cleanly and evenly.


Paraffin is used in various cosmetic products, such as skin creams, lotions, and lip balms, to provide moisture and create a smooth texture.


Paraffin is sometimes used in medicinal ointments and creams for its emollient properties, helping to soothe and moisturize the skin.

Food Industry

In the food industry, paraffin wax is used as a coating for fruits and vegetables to enhance their appearance and extend shelf life.


Paraffin wax is used in the production of certain types of packaging materials, like wax-coated paper or cardboard.

Art and Craft Supplies

Paraffin wax is utilized in various art and craft projects, including crayons, sculpting, and encaustic painting.

Industrial Applications

Paraffin wax finds applications in industries such as rubber, textiles, and wood processing, where it can act as a lubricant or water repellent.

Slack wax , Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) , White oil , foots oil (residue wax)

ATDM CO LTD is highly qualified in production various types of wax specially export of paraffin wax in light and heavy grades also fully refined and semi refined.We export paraffin wax products to our value customers and it is manufactured from high quality grade of raw materials which is obtained from the most trusted vendor list. We have a modern laboratory and fully developed quality control equipment, where a team of quality controllers conduct stringent and direct tests for each order and before transit the goods to port and all test report will send to customer after production. 

Wax is determined as: essentially mixtures of long-chain hydrocarbons with carbon chain lengths ranging from C17 to C90+ which are crystalline in nature.As the temperature of the oil drops, the solubility of the high molecular weight paraffin in the liquid decreases and dissolved wax molecules tend to crystallize below a certain temperature. It is similar to honey when melted. The material for used for hair removing is called wax too. By this determination below products are in wax category with the same specification: Paraffin wax (fully – semi refined), slack wax (heavy – light), foots oil (residue wax), petroleum jelly (Vaseline), microcrystalline wax, cable jelly, liquid paraffin (white oil) and emulsion paraffin are also in wax category since contains large amount of oil, the only difference is that these two products are liquid.

Special Products

Furfural extract is asphalt oil which called also rubber process oil RPO is main additives to add to bitumen to increase viscosity of bitumen and making polymerized bitumen which ensured quality as per of international ASTM and EN standard. Our team remains in constant touch of the clients to understand what quality of bituminous products they require and to be able to satisfy them with the same. We take pride in offering premium quality of rubber process oil (RPO). ATDM is among top supplier and exporter of aromatic rubber process oil in Turkey with different grade including high and low viscosity RPO, DAE ,TDAE, RAE, TRAE and MES with highest quality according to usage and application can be deliver in any packing (used drum /second handed drum , new steel drum , flexi bag , ISO tank ,bulk) to our good customer anywhere in the world .

All batch of cargo has it‘s analyze, COA, test report, refinery report also quality and quantity test can arrange by one of well-known analyzer like SGS.Extract RPO can be produced in different viscosity (@100) range from 10 up to 75 according to your specification with the highest possible flash point around 250 under HSCODE 29321200. Tyre oil can be used in different product range as well as tire making, manufacture of microwave, connectors for household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, rubber roller, plasticizer for plastic compounds, ink formulation industry, isolation manufacturers, rubber manufacturing, shoes, flooring, cable and any other industrial interface. ATDM company exporting Turkey rubber oil to rubber refinery, tyre making plant , tire factory , RPO wholesaler , manufacturer and trader with the best wholesale price with discount and minimum quantity and best service and fastest delivery .

We are exporting carbon black to global market which is virtually pure elemental carbon. Carbon black markets are insoluble in water and organic solvents, but various types differ in other chemicals and physical properties. Our carbon black purity over 90% worldwide, 100% quality control and immediate ordering. We are supplier of premium grades carbon black  N220, N234, N326, N330, N339, N375,N550,N660 and N772 also N880 and exporting to global market specially Morocco and Tunisian.

Caustic soda is a well know chemical material and basically alkali base , physically its snow white , solid , uniform shape  like flakes and odorless which easily soluble in water and quality is %99 pure without any heavy metal caustic soda easily absorb moisture in the air  . Also known as lye , sodium hydroxide.

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