low viscosity aromatic rubber processing oil (light rpo)



General description of low viscosity Aromatic RPO

Aromatic  rubber process oil light  with low viscosity index. It is easy to process during milling, mixing and extruding operations. Also most economical.

Used where staining is not a problem and chiefly in tires and coloured mechanical goods. These products show excellent solvency, superior compatibility and have low volatility and high viscosity.

RPO flash point ranges between 170c and 250c depending on the type. The desired point is 210c. Low flashpoint increases the risk of flammability.

Uses of low viscosity RPO rubber process oil

Rubber process oil light is used in rubber compounds , resins , asphalt tile , adhesives, and plasticizer for plastic compounds.

Packing of low viscosity RPO rubber process oil

Rubber process oil with low viscosity is packed in new or used 180 kg drums , iso tank , flexi tanks and bulk shipments. Each 20 foot container takes 80 drum low viscosity RPO rubber process oil.

About Process oil

Process oil is used to facilitate rubber manufacturing operations such as kneading, extrusion, molding, etc. due to its ability to penetrate the texture of a rubber polymer. In addition, it is also used to improve the physical properties of rubber products.

For such a process oil, it is necessary to have a suitable affinity with the rubber. On the other hand, processed rubber can be classified into natural rubber and synthetic rubber, and there are different types of synthetic rubber.

Among them, natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) are used in large quantities. Accordingly, rpo containing a large amount of aromatic hydrocarbons that have a high affinity for rubber is generally used.

Guaranty/warranty of low viscosity RPO rubber process oil

ATDM guaranty the quality of low viscosity RPO rubber process oil with arrangement of international inspector to check quality and quantity of low viscosity RPO rubber process oil during the loading to vessel and controlling the production by qc by batch test report before shipping. ATDM guaranty the quality to meet with ASTM.




Vis. @ 100 oC

15-50 cSt.

Density @ 15 oC

1000 Kg/m3



Sulfur Percent

4 %





Fraction Compound

C A = 35  C N = 30  C P = 35

Flash Point     oC

Min. 204



Aniline Point

max. 24

Pour Point

oC    30

Specification of  ARomatic Rubber Processing Oil Light Viscosity


msds of Aromatic Rubber Processing Oil Light Viscosity

MSDS of RPO light

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