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Description of asphalt sealant 115/15 90/40 85/25 95/25 90/10 85/25

Asphalt sealant is produced by air blowing of petroleum residues. The grade of asphalt sealant is designated by two numbers, the softening point and the penetration degree.

Uses of asphalt sealant

In the construction of built up roofing as bonding or flood coats, asphalt 85/25 is used on inclines not exceeding 25% slope and 115/15 asphalt is used on inclines not exceeding 50%, and is preferred in high temperature areas due to its higher softening point.For corrosion resistance for pipe coating, steel structures, and in electric cable joint protection and industry. Joint filling and sealant compound. As an adhesive of building material. For sound dampening felts and under carriage sealant in the automotive industry.

Standard of products

Asphalt sealant 85/25 115/15 90/40 complies with the requirements of B.S 3690: part 2, and ASTM D312, Type III & Type IV.Also comply with the Turkey National Building code (Vol. ll-Ch5) Tables No. 15 & 17. There are two main products generally used for seal coating: coal tar sealers and asphalt emulsion coatings. The first one is cheaper but will require more product management when it is being applied.

Packing of material

85 / 25 in could be in 25kg bag or carton also 180 kg drums.115 / 15 in approx. 18 kg stretch plastic wraps and carton. The benefit of this sealant is highly flexible with excellent adhesion properties, suitable for use in all climates.Sets up quickly and will not bleed or track.

Technical Specifications

Type 85/25: Penetration at 25 °C :25±5 Softening point: 80-90°C. Type 115/15 Penetration at 25 °C :15±5 Softening point: 110-120°C. Overusing sealer can cause peeling, flaking or cracking if it builds up. The industry standard is for sealcoating to be replaced every two years, which allows the asphalt sealant on your driveway or parking lot to wear away prior to resealing.
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