Paraffinic RPO


What is of Paraffinic RPO?

Paraffinic RPO ,This category of hydrocarbons constitutes branched chain or straight linked hydrocarbon molecules of various viscosities. Because the chain length will increase, the viscosity will increase, and also the rubber process oil becomes a lot of viscous.

They find extensive usage in ethylene-propylene rubbers. These fluids are offered in light color, having high flash goods, and have point & high temperature.

The high-grade fluid is ideal for processing light colored rubber goods such as beading white tires, rubber, sports and propylene rubbers. These are also highly compatible with butyl & ethylene.

Usage of Paraffinic RPO oils

Paraffinic oil finds extensive usage in EPDM and butyl rubbers. Including oils with high viscosity and high flash point is good for the shelf life of the end product.

Paraffinic Oils are generally light in color having a wide viscosity range. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of butyl tubes, and EPDM-based rubber products, such as profiles, hose pipes & automotive Components.

Paraffinic RPO oils are also known for their excellent thermal stability and resistance to oxidation, making them ideal for use in extreme temperature environments. This characteristic ensures that rubber products maintain their integrity and functionality even under challenging conditions, providing long-lasting performance and reliability to end-users

Specifications of Rubber Process Oil ( ATDMCO ) -PARAFFINIC GRADE

Density @ 15.5 Deg C895905
Flash Point174183
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 Deg C 40 Deg C21-28 Min 526-42 5-7

ATDMCO company is recognized for its expertise in providing an extensive range of RPOs. Our premium-grade paraffin-based products boast superior properties, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability.


Specification of  Paraffinic RPO

Specification Paraffinic RPO



MSDS of  Paraffinic RPO

msds Paraffinic RPO

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