Semi refined paraffin wax from Iran UAE and Turkey

paraffin wax

UAE supplier of semi refined paraffin wax

Supplier based in the UAE offering semi-refined paraffin wax containing over 1% oil content

The price of this product is lower than the fully refined grade .

This product is quite suitable for producing candles of good quality, especially with lower oil content.

This is produced in 5 kg slabs which can be packed in cartons or gunny.

Categorizing is based on a range of oil content: 1-2% , 1-3% , 3-5% , 5-7% , 7-10%;

For example in grade 1-3% slabs of paraffin may have 1% , 1.8% , 2% , 2.6%; 3%; oil content

But the maximum should be 3% not more than that.

Applications of partially processed paraffin wax

The applications of partially processed refined paraffin wax are endless. From enhancing the durability of PVC and laminate products to adding brilliance to paints and coatings, our wax is the secret ingredient behind many successful businesses. It’s also a staple in the candle-making industry, where its lower oil content ensures a cleaner burn and longer-lasting candles.


Packing of wax

Normal packing includes 5 kg slabs which can be packaged in cartons, PP (polypropylene) bags, or gunny sacks. And for added convenience, palletizing options are also available, ensuring seamless logistics and transportation.”


At ATDM, we stand behind the quality of our refined paraffin wax. We ensure that every batch meets stringent quality standards by arranging for an international inspector to check both quality and quantity during loading onto vessels. Additionally, our commitment to quality is evident in our comprehensive quality control measures, which include conducting batch testing reports before shipping to meet ASTM standards, providing our customers with peace of mind and confidence in our product.


Specification of semi refined paraffin wax

MSDS of Semi refined paraffin wax

MSDS of semi refined Wax 

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