Usage of bitumen primer

Usage of bitumen primer

bitumen primers usage in the adhesion of the coating by providing a bond between the surfaces. Bitumen Primers come in many different types of primer be based on the substrate, weather conditions, and the type of coating being applied. Dust, chalking film, bitumen exudate and greases or oils should be cleaned off of the roof prior to the application of coatings. For more on preparing a modified bitumen roof surface prior to coating application, consult the Roof Coating Manufacturers Association/Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association document entitled Evaluation and Preparation of Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems for the Application of Surface Coatings.

Bitumen primer ussing in surface coating

A decision to employ a primer should not be made without consulting the manufacturer’s requirements for the specific coating and substrate. A primer is never a substitute for proper roof membrane preparation. The substrate should be clean and dry prior to roof coating application. Primers are compatible with modified bitumen products, but the manufacturer recommendations should be checked before using a primer. Bitumen primers are generally applied to clean dry surfaces, however asphalt emulsions primers can be applied to damp (not wet) surfaces. Primer and surface coating application should occur in short order. Following are some general guidelines regard-ing the application of primer which is useful to consider. Surfaces which generally require primer include: metal flashings, gravel stops, and other metal edging; concrete and masonry roof decks, masonry walls and floors and gypsum and other porous surfaces. bitumen primer should be used with asphalt materials only.

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