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What is caustic soda flakes?

Caustic soda is a well know chemical material and basically alkali base , physically its snow white , solid , uniform shape  like flakes and odorless which easily soluble in water and quality is %99 pure without any heavy metal caustic soda easily absorb moisture in the air  . Also known as lye , sodium hydroxide.

Quality of caustic soda flakes

Quality of caustic soda depends on different items and the most import is purity which in our laboratory purity has been measured as ±99% in several times from different batch of production. Caustic soda should be free from heavy metal .

Packing of caustic

Caustic soda easily absorb moisture in this case packing is one of the most important process when processing in factory , so for protecting quality of cargo we are using laminated polypropylene bag and pp bag to prevent water and moisture enter the bags and for final packing we choose jumbo bag/wrapped pallets /tin/can according to customer requirement .

Different types of soda


2. Pearl

3. Liquid

4. Food grade

Use of caustic flakes

Its use in wide range of industry like detergent manufacturing, drilling industry (in water based mud) , ceramic production , adhesives and sealant chemicals,  adsorbents and absorbents ,agricultural chemicals (non-pesticidal ), anti-adhesive agents,  bleaching agents ,corrosion inhibitors and anti-scaling agents, dyes, finishing agents,  fuels and fuel additives, functional fluids (closed system),  intermediates ion exchange agent ,laboratory chemicals, oxidizing/reducing agents ,paint additives and coating additives,  plasticizers ,plating agents and surface treating agents ,process regulators ,processing aids, , processing aids, specific to petroleum production, solids separation agents ,solvents (for cleaning or degreasing).

Production capacity of caustic

We are managed to produce at least 100 mt per day to deliver cargo on time to our good customers .

Delivery of material

We are exporting caustic soda sell based on different delivery terms which customers are interested, normally CFR , FOB , DDU ,CPT …

Transportation of caustic soda

According to customer location we choose the fastest delivery method according to customer location , cargo can ship by rail , land truck , vessel .

Price of caustic

Price of caustic soda changing every week on Sunday based on raw material (liquid caustic soda ) which sell by governmental refinery’s  .different reason effect the caustic soda price in market like when raw material price change , when market is in high season it means when there is too much request in market for purchasing caustic soda and production is low .sometimes factory’s closed in china due to air pollution so it cause price increasing in market .exchange rate in local market is also effect the final price of product as well.

Sample of soda flakes

We have ready sample in office and all customers are lucky to have free sample . It is dg material with IMCO number 8 .

Shipping information and MSDS

Here are some useful information that when you need to export this material you have to provide to your shipping agent :

Specification and analysis test

ItemUnitLimitTest result
Sodium hydroxide purity%wMin 9899.3
Carbonate%wMax 10.5
Chloride%wMax 0.060.01
Sulfate%wMax 0.010.006
Silicate%wMax 0.020.005
FeMg/kgMax 3013
Insoluble in waterMg/kgMax 0.010
AluminiumMg/kgMax 20<20
Heavy metalMg/kgMax 20<20

Specification of Caustic Soda Flakes

TDS of Caustic soda flakes

MSDS of Caustic Soda Flakes

MSDS of Caustic soda flakes

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