fuel oil cst 180 380 tanker vessel

What is Fuel oil?

Fuel oil is a type of petroleum-derived liquid fuel that is primarily used for heating, electricity generation, and as a source of energy in various industrial processes. 

How you can sell or buy Fuel oil of CST 180 and CST 380?

  1. Every 10 days we can arrange 8 to 10000MT.
  2. Each storage tank is between 5000 to 7000MT so if vessel is 10000MT should take from two sides.
  3. We will sign contract for 20 days later depend on laycan of vessel and we will arrange the goods.
  4. Payment term is 10% deposit and 90% balance based on average of plats 1 day before loading, date of loading and BL date we will calculate and against the weight of custom we will get balance and deliver the clearance docs to the agent of shipping line.
  5.  Both Fuel CST 180 and CST 380 available and 180 is -20 of plats and 380 is -30 of plats.

Viscosity of fuel oil CST 180 and CST 380 

Fuel oil with designations like CST 180 and CST 380 refers to a type of fuel oil that is characterized by its kinematic viscosity at a specific temperature, typically 180°C and 380°C, respectively. These designations are used in the marine and industrial sectors to specify the viscosity of the fuel, which is an important factor in its handling and combustion characteristics.

Here’s a breakdown of CST 180 and CST 380 fuel oils

  1. CST 180 Fuel Oil:

    • Viscosity: CST 180 stands for Centistoke (cSt) at 180°C. It indicates the kinematic viscosity of the fuel oil at this temperature. CST 180 fuel oil is relatively less viscous than CST 380 fuel oil.
    • Common Use: CST 180 fuel oil is often used in marine engines, particularly in medium-sized ships and vessels. It provides the necessary energy for propulsion and onboard systems.
  2. CST 380 Fuel Oil:

    • Viscosity: CST 380 stands for Centistoke (cSt) at 380°C. This indicates a higher kinematic viscosity compared to CST 180 fuel oil. CST 380 fuel oil is thicker and more viscous.
    • Common Use: CST 380 fuel oil is typically used in larger marine engines and power generation systems. It is favored in applications where a heavier and more stable fuel is required.

Both CST 180 and CST 380 fuel oils are considered heavy fuel oils and are commonly used in the shipping industry. They are often referred to as bunker fuels and are used in vessels like cargo ships, container ships, and oil tankers. These fuels have a higher sulfur content compared to lighter fuels, which can lead to increased emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) when burned.

Environmental regulations and concerns about air quality have led to stricter limits on sulfur emissions from ships, resulting in the adoption of lower-sulfur fuels or the installation of exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers) to reduce emissions when using heavy fuel oils.

Specification and date sheet of iran fuel oil CST 180

specification test data sheet Fuel oil CST 180

Specification and data sheet of iran fuel oil CST 380

specification test data sheet of fuel oil CST 380

MSDS of Fuel oil 180 and 380

DOWNLOADMSDS of fuel oil 180 and 380

HS code of fuel oil 180 and 380

HS code of fuel oil 180 and 380 is 27101950

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