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General description of cutback bitumen RC 30

Cutback bitumen RC30 is dissolved of bitumen in solvents of kerosene. In many countries kerosene and other volatile petroleum derived products are added as a cutter or cutback agent to bitumen to reduce (or cutback) the viscosity of the bitumen. The mixture obtained may be called cutback bitumen.

The reduction in viscosity of the bitumen aids the construction of seal coats in road pavements as the softened mixture wets the chips more easily. The cutback agent evaporates from the seal coat, the cutback agent becoming a negligible component of the seal coat a few months after application. If significant amounts of the cutback agent remain in the seal coat an unwanted long term softening effect may result.

Uses of cut back bitumen RC 30

Cutback agents are used to lower the viscosity of bitumen when it is applied as a primer to the surface of a road pavement aggregate base course or substrate. Kerosene is used as a bitumen cutback agent at different concentrations according to local conditions and requirements.

The cutback bitumen is ideal for prime coat and cold applied because of easy uses and no need to thinning and heating.

Cutback bitumen RC30 consist of initial incorporation of asphalt into the surface of non-asphalt based course preparatory to any superimposed treatment of construction.

The cutback asphalt RC30 applying to waterproofing of surfaces, plug capillary voids, coat and bond loose mineral particles.

Packing of bitumen bitumen RC30

When it comes to packaging cutback bitumen RC30, we prioritize the utmost care and integrity. Our product is meticulously packed in robust, new thick steel drums placed on pallets. This strategic packaging not only ensures the prevention of any potential leaks inside the container but also facilitates easy handling and transportation.

Our commitment to secure and reliable packaging reflects our dedication to delivering cutback bitumen RC30 in a manner that prioritizes safety, convenience, and product integrity.

Guaranty/warranty of cutback asphalt RC30

At ATDM, we go above and beyond to guarantee the excellence of our cutback asphalt RC70. A vigilant international inspector diligently oversees every aspect of quality and quantity during the loading process. In parallel, our dedicated Quality Control (QC) team conducts a rigorous evaluation, ensuring strict adherence to ASTM/EN 15322:2009 standards through meticulous scrutiny of batch test reports. This unwavering commitment to quality assurance is our promise to deliver a superior product, meeting and exceeding your expectations for any asphalt application.

Analysis of bitumen RC30

PropertiesMinMaxTest Method
 Kinemalic 1 viscosity at 60°C, eSt3060ASTM D2170
 Flash Point (Tag Open-Cup),°CASTM D1310
 Distillate test 2 :   
 Distillate, percent by Volume of total 360°C
 To 190°C15ASTM D402
 To 225°C55ASTM D402
 To 260°C75ASTM D402
 To 316°C90ASTM D402
 Residue from distillation to 360°C:
 Test on residue from distillation Penetration at
25°C,100g, 5 sec.
 Ductility 3 at 25°C, cm100ASTM D402 / ASTM D113
 Solubility in trichloroethylene, percent mass100ASTM D402 / ASTM D2024
 Water, percent volume0.2ASTM D95


Specification of Bitumen RC30


MSDS of Bitumen RC30

MSDS of RC30

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