Bitumen AH 90

Butimen AH-90

Understanding Bitumen AH90: The Premium Asphalt Marvel

Bitumen AH90, a pinnacle in asphalt refinement, introduces a captivating world of versatility and resilience. Derived from crude petroleum refining, this premium asphalt unveils a rich, dark color that speaks of its exceptional waterproofing and adhesive properties. Notably non-volatile, AH90 gracefully softens under heat, making it the go-to choice for a myriad of applications. Let’s delve into the unique qualities that position AH90 as a reliable and resilient solution, enhancing the durability and quality of road surfaces worldwide.

Decoding the Uses of Bitumen AH90

Bitumen AH90, a superior-grade marvel, takes center stage as the binder for mineral aggregates in asphalt concrete and hot-laid plant mix. Its adhesive prowess ensures the durability and strength of road infrastructure, making it the ideal choice for highways, airports, parking areas, driveways, and curbs. Whether applied to major construction projects or local roadways, AH90 stands as a testament to consistent, long-lasting results, surpassing modern construction standards.

the safe handling of bitumen ah90

 Safety is paramount when dealing with Bitumen AH90. Here are key guidelines for secure and effective handling:

  1. Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s): Safeguard against direct contact and potential splashes by wearing gloves and eye protectors.
  2.  Maintain Safe Heating Temperatures: Ensure optimal application by keeping heating temperatures within the recommended safe range.
  3. Avoid Contact with Skin, Eyes, and Clothing: Minimize direct contact to prevent irritation or injury during handling.
  4. Avoid Breathing Vapor, Spray, or Mists: Steer clear of inhaling any substances emitted during application. Work in well-ventilated areas whenever possible. 

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to a secure working environment, mitigating potential risks associated with handling Bitumen AH90

price and shipment option for bitumen AH90

For current rates and applicable discounts based on order quantities of Bitumen AH90, reach out to our sales department. Our competitive pricing reflects the quality and performance of our top-grade asphalt, ensuring you receive value for your investment.
Mode of Shipments:
Choose flexibility in shipment options, including drums, jumbo bags, or bulk vessels, tailored to your project needs. Our dedicated logistics team guarantees secure and timely deliveries via sea, air, or land transportation. For detailed shipping arrangements and associated costs, connect with our logistics department. Our commitment extends beyond product quality to provide a seamless and reliable experience throughout the procurement process.



Available grade of bitumen AH70 in 0.6 mm thickness, 180 kg net weight drums, 95 cm height and 45 cm diameter (+/- 3 kg operational tolerance), epitomizes exceptional quality, reliable performance, and convenient packaging. Make Bitumen AH90 your ultimate choice for asphalt excellence

Specifications of bitumen AH90

Penetration, 25°C1/10 Millimetres (mm)80-100ASTM D5
Softening PointDegree Celsius (°C)42-52ASTM D36
Density, 25°CKilogram per Cubic Meter (kg/m³)1,000 minASTM D71/D3289
Ductility, 25°CCentimetres per Second (cm/s)100 minASTM D113
Loss On HeatingWeight Percentage (WT%)0.5 MaxASTM D6
Drop-in Penetration After HeatingPercentage (%)20 MaxASTM D6805
Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup)Degree Celsius (°C)225 minASTM D92
Solubility in TrichloroethyleneWeight Percentage (WT%)99 minASTM D2042
Loss of WeightPercentage (%)0.8 maxASTM D1754
Retained Penetration After Thin FilmPercentage (%)50 minASTM D5
Ductility 25°C After Thin Film OvenCentimetres per Second (cm/s)100 minASTM D113
Ductility 15°C After Thin Film OvenCentimetres per Second (cm/s)100 minASTM D113
TemperatureDegree Celsius (°C)
Bitumen ContentPercentage (%)99.9 minASTM D4

Specification of Bitumen AH90

Specification of Bitumen AH90

MSDS of Bitumen AH90

MSDS of Bitumen AH90

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