How to produce Calcium Bromide


How to produce Calcium Bromide solutions?

Usually, Calcium Bromide solutions produced by reacting an aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide with stoichiometric amounts of hydrogen bromide gas. Although, this reaction often results in post-precipitation or sedimentation of solids in the calcium bromide liquid. These solids are now identified as carbonate ions originally present in calcium hydroxide as impurities. An improved method for producing aqueous calcium bromide has been discovered which substantially eliminates the precipitation of unwanted solid carbonate material in the calcium dibromide.

Application of solution products

Calcium Bromide solution have found wide commercial use as well as packing and finishing fluids in the oil and gas production industry. In the drilling of deep and high-pressure wells, it has been shown that the permeability of the well can be reduced or eliminated by drilling with fluids containing suspended solids. As a result, it is desirable to produce a high density It product with minimal suspended solids.

Calcium bromide meaning

Calcium Bromide is otherwise called Calcium Dibromide.It is having one calcium particle and two bromine molecules. It is formed by one calcium atom and two bromine atoms. The molecular or chemical formula of it is CaBr2.
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