Specification of bitumen mastic

To ensure that tenders are based upon the specific grades of mastic asphalt required, it is essential that the asphalt contractor is given precise details of the BSS number and of the table and column number therein. Natural rock aggregate mastic or limestone aggregate mastic.The Standard applicable.The type of asphaltic cement, which is usually defined by reference to the appropriate columns in the tables of the BSS.In addition, the asphalt contractor must be advised, as appropriate, of:The type of isolating membrane, eg sheathing felt, fibreglass tissue, kraft building paper underlay etc.The material to be used fro surface reflective treatment eg , chippings, bituminous aluminium paint, acrylic coloured paint etc.

Mastic asphalt

Architects, engineers and quantity surveyors are recommended to include the following clause in their invitations to tenderTable of British Standards for mastic asphalt specifications indicating the asphaltic cement recommended in each case
* Type § Asphaltic cement
BSS 6925 – 988 Table 3, col. 2
Tanking and Damp-proof coursing
BSS 6925 – 1097 Table 3, col. 2
BSS 1076 – grade A Table 5, col. 2
BSS 1076 – grade B Table 6, col 2
BSS 1447 Table 1, col. 3

Our approvals

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