Organophilic lignite amine treated lignite (Versalig) supplier for oil well drilling mud

organophilic lignite amine treated

What is Organophilic lignite amine treated lignite (Versalig)

Organophilic lignite is amine treated lignite a type of modified lignite that has been treated with quaternary ammonium compounds or other organic reagents to enhance its adsorption capacity for oil and other hydrocarbons. Lignite is a low-grade coal that is formed from compressed peat and has a high moisture and ash content.

Drilling fluid usage

The Organophilic lignite is used in various applications, such as in drilling fluids for oil and gas wells, in wastewater treatment, and in soil remediation. In drilling fluids, organophilic lignite is added to the mud to increase its viscosity and to help control fluid loss in the wellbore. In wastewater treatment, it is used to remove hydrocarbons and other pollutants from water. In soil remediation, organophilic lignite is used to adsorb hydrocarbons and other contaminants from soil.

Modified lignite

The modified lignite has a high affinity for hydrophobic compounds and can adsorb up to 80% of its weight in oil or other hydrocarbons. This makes it a valuable material in environmental remediation applications, where it can be used to remove pollutants from contaminated soil and water.

Usually Organophilic lignite is sold in powder form and the price can vary depending on the quality of the material, the quantity purchased, and the supplier. It is always best to consult with a reliable supplier to get the latest and most accurate pricing information, as well as guidance on the appropriate grade of organophilic lignite for your specific application.

HTHP filtration control

It is HT high temperature filtration control play as synergistically with emulsifier as below advantage.

Amine treated lignite is improves filtration control.

Organophilic lignite is an alternate to Asphaltic Products.

Treated lignite is compatible with all types of Oil base and Synthetic Based Systems.

Amine lignite is Increases the temperature stability of Fluids.

Amine treated is controls HTHP filtrate rate.

Versalig disperses easily and can be combined with other additives

How to product Organophilic lignite

50 parts of lignite, dry basis (66.8 parts as received) were mixed with 150 parts hot water and 7.5 parts sodium hydroxide in a Waring Blendor for five minutes. In a separate Waring Blendor jar there were mixed 130 parts of hot water, 18.5 parts of concentrated hydrochloric acid (37% HCl) and 55 parts the Partial Amide 0.7. The lignite solution was added to the Blendor jar containing the HCl and Partial Amide 0.7 and mixed 7 minutes. The slurry was then dried at 150° F. and the Organophilic lignite – amine treated lignite (Versalig)  ground to a fine powder.

The invention provides a novel process of preparing Organophilic humate derivatives wherein: an aqueous solution of a humic acid-containing material is prepared with an alkali metal or ammonium base; an amine containing at least 16 carbon atoms and at least one functional group per molecule selected from the group consisting of primary amino, secondary amino, quaternary ammonium, and mixtures thereof, is mixed with the humate solution; an acid is mixed with the amine-containing humate solution in an amount at least sufficient to neutralize all of the alkali metal or ammonium base used to prepare the humate solution; and thereafter the organophilic substituted ammonium humate derivative is recovered.

Packing of amine treated lignite (Versalig)

Amine treated lignite is packing in 50LBS multi paper bag on pallet.

Minimum order quantity of Organophilic lignite is 20 pallet equal 1 20ft container.

Versalig is stacking in wooden pallet based on 34 sax.

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