Driveway sealcoating asphalt sealer

driveway sealcoating

driveway coating

This driveway sealcoating asphalt sealer coating protects against moisture and frost damage – your pavement’s worst enemies. It also resists fuel, oil and chemical staining. Asphalt-based sealcoatingproducts are better for air quality because they do not emit high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like the coal tar-based products do. They also smell better and are less of a skin irritant.


We have this shipped from Iran. It can ‘t be purchased in hardware or home repair stores. Gilsonite sealer applies and looks very shiny once applied. After a few weeks, it will look black and velvety.Gilsonite sealer, or asphaltum is a natural asphalt sealer, resinous hydrocarbon found in Iran long time ago. This sealer is composed of hard gilsonite asphalt resin; it adds seals and protects the pavement against the effects of weathering.


Unlike water base sealers, this asphalt based sealer will not be damaged by freezing weather, nor will it wash off if caught by a rain shower before completely dry. This is a penetrating asphalt-based sealer that resaturates and rejuvenates asphalt surfaces, forming a lustrous jet black finish. 

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