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Asphasol is shale control additives are used to inhibit the swelling and caving of shales caused by hydrous disintegration. Asphasol is Sulphonated asphalt is lost circulation additives and used to plug a zone into which the drilling fluid is being lost, to prevent a complete loss of the frilling fluid is being lost, to prevent loss of the drilling fluid into the formation being drilled, and hence as lost of drilling fluid circulation from the bottom of the drill hole to the top. The asphasol agents used to plug such a zone include inorganic chemical grouts or cements containing mixtures of silicates, metallic oxides, and limestone. Our drilling fluid is HTHP sodium sulfonated asphalt is very good shale control additives in water based mud.

Usage of sodium sulfonated asphalt

The asphasol is blend of Gilsonite, blown asphalt, lignite, caustic soda and mixture of latter compounds. This additives using because of foaming in water and it is partially soluble in water and fully emulsion in the fluids. Liquid additives have therefore been developed to overcome some of the problems associated with the use of dry additives. However, liquid compositions containing polyglycols can give rise of stability problem.

How to use sulfonated asphalt.

Aasphasol fully emulsion in water while gilsonite will remain on top. In particular first the viscosifier is mixed with mater and then the polyglycols and finally the sulfonated asphalt added.
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