Gilsonite lump rock ore

gilsonite lump rock ore

Gilsonite lump rock

The Gilsonite lump rock after deposition of up to millions of years, changes in the combined effect of heat, pressure, oxidation, touch coal, bacteria and other substances generated Gilanegharb-Iran. Physical properties of gilsonite rock of close to “coal”, more resistant to rutting, anti-spalling, anti-aging, high temperature and weathering resistance and other features.

Gilsonite ore

So gilsonite lump has been widely used paved roads and heavy traffic and transportation road. In this technology, gilsonite ore played a certain effect, and traffic problems will be alleviated.

However, with the rapid growth of global economy, gilsonite lump widely used in other section, such as drilling fluid,ink,foundry.All of gilsonite ore coming from underground mining in depth of 20 to 100m trough tunnel and conveyer to bring out the Gilsonite ore.

Gilsonite lump

High quality Gilsonite lump refers to the natural, unprocessed form of Gilsonite, which is a natural occurring hydrocarbon resin found in the Uinta Basin in Utah, USA, and in some other countries such as Iran. Gilsonite is usually extracted from the ground in the form of large chunks or lumps, and it is then further processed into smaller particles or powder to be used in various industrial applications.

Gilsonite lump usage

The Gilsonite lump has a high melting point and a low ash content, which makes it a valuable material for various industrial applications, such as drilling fluids, asphalt and bitumen, and inks. Gilsonite lump can be ground or crushed into smaller particles, depending on the specific requirements of the application.

Gilsonite lump is usually sold by weight and the price can vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of the material, the market demand, and the country of origin. It’s always best to consult with a reliable supplier to get the latest and most accurate pricing information.

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