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What is Bitumen powder?

By using Gilsonite, asphalt powder can be produced, which is a powder of natural bitumen. Due to its fragility, this material is black in color with a hard and shiny surface. It is also used as a dark brown and black powder. We can provide a micronized Gilsonite powder product where 95% of the gilsonite powder / natural bitumen product particles are smaller than 75 microns.

Bitumen powder in different mesh size

Asphalt powder is available in different mesh size starting form 10/20 30/40 100 mesh 150 mesh and 200 mesh. Asphalt powder is producing according to order.

Bitumen powder usages

It is using in paint , oil well drilling fluid , max with asphalt to increase the softening point , in foundry and casting business to make the surface shinny. There is big usage in bitumen waterproofing material like bitumen membrane.

Product packing Information

  • Asphalt powder in lump form like rock packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag
  • 200 mesh packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag
  • 300 mesh packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag
  • 30-40 mesh packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag
  • 100 mesh packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag
  • 300 mesh packed in 25kg pp bag
  • 200 mesh packed 25kg multi paper bag
  • 200 mesh packed 50lbs multi paper bag
  • 30-40 mesh packed pp bag on pallet
  • Bulk on vessel
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