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Tamco Gilsonite

Tamco Gilsonite is natural bitumen black powder branded on Tamco Gilsonite and we exported to Kuwait and Inida market and suppliled to Kuwait drilling fluid company regularly. Tamco Gilsonite exporting in 25Kg multipaper bag on pallet shrinked wrapped including legalization of all paperwork via Kuwait embassy in Iran. We export Tomco Gilsonite to Oman as well and sometimes reexporting to other country like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. GILSONITE UMC-GIL-P  IS GILSONITE – NATURAL ASPHALT POWDER WHICH WE EXPORT TO SAUDI ARAMCO.

How to use Tamko Gilsonite in asphalt

Prepare the surface to receive the Tamko Gilsonite coating by trimming grass, weeds, or bushes away from the driveway surface and sweep clean. Surface should be thoroughly dry and free of dust and debris. Remove oil or grease spots with detergent and water. Allow time to dry. Ensure the surface is thoroughly dry prior to application. Fill cracks over 1/4\” wide with overdrive crack filler or overdrive rubberized crack filler. After preparing surface, stir product thoroughly to assure even consistency. Do not heat. Do not thin. Use directly from pail. Pour a ribbon of material across the surface. Using a stiff-bristle brush or heavy-nap roller apply as thinly as possible, being careful to work the product to penetrate the driveway surface and into fine cracks or pores. Spread the material at the rate of 1 gallon per 125 to 150 square feet. Do not allow excessive accumulation in low spots, as drying will be inhibited. Upon completion, fine sand may be sprinkled onto the wet coating to enhance skid resistance. Foot traffic and vehicle traffic maybe allowed after the coating has dried for 24 hours after application. Keep the container tightly closed when not in use. Dries to a shiny black finish. clean tools thoroughly with mineral spirits in a well-ventilated outdoor area after use.
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