white spirit ( solvent 402)

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White spirit  ( solvent 402)

White spirit (solvent 402) Liquid hydrocarbon , volatile , flammable , color less mineral spirits also known as mineral turpentine , turpentine substitute, petroleum spirits, solvent naphtha (petroleum),solvent or generically, paint thinner ,And also  is a petroleum-derived clear liquid used as a common organic solvent in painting. A mixture of aliphatic, open chain or C7 to C12  hydrocarbons white spirit is insoluble in water. The word \”mineral\” in \”mineral spirits\” or \”mineral turpentine\” is meant to distinguish it from distilled spirit (distilled directly from fermented grains and fruit) or from true turpentine  (distilled tree resin).

Uses solvent 402

It is used as an extraction solvent, as a cleaning solvent, as a degreasing solvent and as a solvent in  aerosols , paints wood preservatives , varnishes  and asphalt products. About 60% of the total white spirit consumption is used in paints, lacquers and varnishes. White spirit is the most widely used solvent in the paint industry. In households, white spirit is commonly used to clean paint brushes after use, to clean auto parts and tools, as a starter fluid for charcoal grills, to remove adhesive residue from non-porous surfaces, and many other common tasks.

Packing white spirit

Bulk , 175 kg steel drum , Iso tank , flexi tank  are the possible packing for solvent 402

Analysis of solvent 402

density@15 C kg/L Astm D-1298 775 min
Aromatic content % vol Astm D-1319 20 (max)
IBP C Astm D-86 Min 142
10%   Evaporated Astm D-86 Min 158
50%   Evaporated Astm D-86 Min 190
90%   Evaporated Astm D-86 Max 210
FBP C Astm D-86 Max  230
Doctor  test Astm D-4952 Neg.
Flash  point , tag c (min) Astm D-56 38 C
Color , say bolt Astm D-156 25 (min)
Sulfur Total % mass (max) Astm D-1266 0.1 (max)
Corrosion 3 hr @ 100 C Astm D-130 1a
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