Price of self adhesive asphalt waterproofing membrane roof bitumen roll sheet

A novel self-adhesive type multi-layer laminated bituminous roofing membrane suitable for the formation of the roofing or waterproofing layer on roofs, floors and the like is provided. It comprises a base sheet of a sheet-like material, one or more bitumen layers coated on all or part of one or both faces of the base sheet, at least one layer of compound bitumen including both bitumen and rubber and/or resin laminated on all or part of the surface of said bitumen-coated layer on the base sheet and at least one release sheet laid over the whole surface of said compound bitumen layer.

Price of roofing membrane roll sheet

This roofing membrane is produced by uniting the bitumen-coated base sheet and the compound bitumen-coated release sheet, and can be applied over a substrate in a simple manner, without the step of melting or liquefying bitumen as in the conventional application process. Our EXW rate starting from 1.2USD/m2 without coating and 1.3USD/m2 with aluminium coating. FOB rate of our membrane sheet starting from 1.25USD/m2 and 1.35USD/m2 with aluminium coating. Wide:1000mm Lenght:10000mm Thickness:starting from 2.6 up to 5mm Minimum weight per roll sheet:30Kg Minimum order quantity:700 roll
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