Bitumen in jumbo bag available weight 25, 50, 300, 800 and 1000Kg 

Why use bitumen in bag?

Convenience: Bitumen in bag is easy to handle and transport, making it suitable for small-scale projects or remote locations where access to bulk bitumen may be limited. The bags are lightweight and compact, allowing for efficient storage and transportation.

Flexibility: Bagged bitumen can be easily transported using various modes of transportation, including trucks, containers, and ships. This flexibility enables suppliers to reach a wider range of customers and markets, including areas with limited infrastructure or logistical challenges.

Reduced Waste:  It helps minimize waste and spillage during handling and application. The bags are design to contain the bitumen securely, reducing the risk of leakage or contamination during storage and transportation.

Precise Measurement: Allows for precise measurement and dosing, ensuring accurate application and optimal performance in construction projects. Contractors can easily determine the quantity of bitumen need for specific applications, reducing material waste and cost.

bigbag 1000Kg 1MT bitumen bag

Bigbag is most safe and east handling from loading to destination. It should be design for asphalt and if you buy from market and fill it will become fat or collapse. Normally design of bitumen in jumbo bag is in the bottom the size is bigger than top and should have angle to become stable.

bitumen in jumbo bag 1 ton 1000Kg

in polycube 300kg

Polycube is just useful for export and in case you load in truck will leak and damage.Even at destination should be deliver to final destination and then discharge to prevent damage. It is designing as per of dimension of container and container protecting the polycube and outside of container if you carry will damage!

bitumen in polycube 300kg jumbo bag

Small size 25Kg

Bitumen should be easily dissolve at 154C and start to melt from 110C.this type of bitumen bag is normally using for penetration grade of bitumen like and in summer time outside temperature in port of loading is very hot and should be taken more care on compress of it since is liquid at more than 60C.So it should be protected by bracket or case.

bitumen in 25Kg bag

Medium size 50kg

Bitumen in 50Kg bag is different that 25kg and protected by different layer and composite with yarn and craft. This type of bag is possible to fill it and stuff in container without pallet.

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