Bitumen bag available in 25,50,300,800 and 1000Kg bag

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Bitumen bag 25Kg

Bitumen bag should be easily dissolved at 160C and start to melt from 110C.this type of bitumen bag is normally using for penetration grade of bitumen like bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 80/100. In summer time outside temperature in port of loading is very hot and should be taken more care on compress of bag since it is liquid at more than 60C.So it should be protected by bracket or case.

Bitumen bag 50kg

Bitumen in 50Kg bag is different that 25kg and protected by different layer and composited with yarn and craft. This type of bag is possible to fill it and stuff in container without pallet.

Bitumen in 300Kg polycube bag

Polycube is just useful for export and in case you load in truck will leak and damage.Even at destination should be delivered to final destination and then discharge to prevent damage. It is designed as per of dimension of container and container protecting the bags and outside of container if you carry will damage!

Bitumen in 800Kg and 1000Kg 1MT jumbo bag

Bitumen in jumbo bag is most safe and east handling from loading to destination. Jumbo bag should be designed for bitumen and if you buy from market and fill bitumen will become fat or collapse. Normally design of bitumen in jumbo bag is in the bottom the size is bigger than top and should have angle to become stable.
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