wax deoiling via difference in melting point of wax and oil

This method, which is called sweating, is not so noted, due to the low efficiency of operation and restrictions in raw material. Using this method can only be used for the wax of paraffin oil because when heating wax the presence of large crystals of paraffin waxes creates the flow of oil. Oil content in the wax and heating it; are two important e factors in the quality of product. For de-oiling wax first it should be melted and the top of the trays that are placed on top of each staircase, Sent up there to cool. Then gradually heat the cooled wax during the heating, Droplets of oil from seeps down into the wax crystals and the tube that is placed around the tray is removed from the system. Heating wax should be done slowly (one or two F/Hour)The remaining wax on the top tray , At any stage of the sampling and when the oil content decreased to the desired amount , hot action on it will be cut off and the remaining wax is collected at the top tray . With this method not only can separate oil;and wax, waxes with different melting points can be achieved. The disadvantage of this method are the long duration of action (About seventy hours) And the high oil content in wax.
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