Why price of bitumen is different?

Bitumen price solution and problem

Bitumen 60/70 should be made by blown vacuum bottom and remove the light hydrocarbon and make it hard until penetration between 60 to 70.It is standard bitumen production procedure and bitumen price to made by this way is higher than other process.

Some factories importing vacuum resin instead of vacuum bottom and blending in Iran. Vacuum resin has very high smell and very high viscosity and creat alot of problem for bitumen buyers at destination.

Some companies selling low quality bitumen under name of Jey and Pasargad which is two famous brand in Iran and they submit custom paperwork that the origin of bitumen is Jey or Pasargad but it is cheat.

Jey and Pasargad bitumen refineries are resposible!

Jey and Pasargad normally selling export license of bitumen and under this licence many companies selling low quality bitumen.

The best way to get real bitumen with competitive price is buying from reputable company who working in this business for long time and ask them SGS quality certificate for Viscosity @ 60 centigrade.It will protect you against Vacuum resin and blending of low quality material.

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