Lithium Grease

Bentonite Grease

Bentonite Grease Grease based on Bentonite is an inorganic clay based grease for plain and rolling bearings operating at temperatures higher than those at which conventional soap based greases can be used. This grease is amber colored multipurpose Grease containing anti-corrosion and EP additives and is suitable for most conditions especially at elevated temperatures. This Grease …

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Manufacturer of Lithium Grease

Lithium Grease Lithium Grease based on lithium soap possesses many improved properties compared to the other alkali metal soaps. This grease has better water resistance properties compared to sodium grease, better high-temperature properties compared to calcium grease and excellent mechanical properties both resistance to shearing and good ability to be pumped. Although Lithium grease is more …

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Producer of Aluminium Grease

Aluminum Complex Grease Aluminum grease is a kind of multifunction grease suited to central lubrication system due to its good pump ability. This grease is used extensively in metallurgy area. By optimization of composition and condition, the high performance aluminum complex grease is prepared. This grease possesses high dropping point, good colloidal stability, shear stability, oxidation …

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Lithium complex grease

Lithium complex grease soap produce by high quality viscous base oils with anti-corrosion additives and solid lubricants for its anti-corrosion, oxidation and rust properties. Particularly recommended in high temperatures and harsh conditions where the use of Lithium complex grease is limited. It also formulated by extra qualified mineral base oil with carefully selected thickener structure of lithium complex grease . …

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Grease manufacturer and exporter

grease Grease produced by ATDM are delivered to worldwide different industries. This grease with temperature range from -30 C° to 1100 C° is used for lubrication of gearbox, chain and towing wire, vehicle ball-joint, hot forge molding, air filter, open gear, thread connect, bearing, industrial valve, metal melting furnace, rotating kiln, industrial electromotor couplings etc.    …

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