Aluminum Complex Grease

Aluminum grease is a kind of multifunction grease suited to central lubrication system due to its good pump ability. This grease is used extensively in metallurgy area. By optimization of composition and condition, the high performance aluminum complex grease is prepared. This grease possesses high dropping point, good colloidal stability, shear stability, oxidation stability, water resistance property, anti-corrosion and anti-wear property.

Aluminum Complex grease benefits

  • Good water resistance.
  • Unique advantages suited to elevated temperatures.
  • High dropping point.
  • High ability to restructure after excursions that are above soap’s melting point.
  • Good pump ability.
  • Economic formulation.
  • Low soap content.
  • Excellent surface adhesion.
  • Long shelf life.

Aluminum complex grease produced by ATDM

  • Grease A ATDM 1500
  • Grease A ATDM HV 100
  • Grease A ATDM 21
  • Grease A ATDM 1100
  • Grease Anti-Seize
  • Grease A ATDM 100