Bitumen supplier in Vietnam

Bitumen supplier in Vietnam

In Vietnam, ATDM Co. and Basekim are notable suppliers of bitumen, offering a variety of grades and packaging options.


  • Grades: ATDM supplies various grades of bitumen, including Penetration Grades (like 60/70 and 80/100), Oxidized Bitumen, and Cutback Bitumen.
  • Packaging: Bitumen from ATDM is available in new steel drums, jumbo bags (250 kg, 300 kg, and 1 MT), and bulk quantities.
  • Quality and Quantity: ATDM ensures high quality through rigorous quality control measures and international standards compliance. They provide bitumen in large quantities suitable for major infrastructure projects.


  • Grades: basekim offers a wide range of bitumen types, including Penetration Grades (60/70, 80/100), Oxidized Bitumen, and other specialty grades.
  • Packaging: Options include new steel drums of various sizes, jumbo bags, and bulk shipments. For example, the 80/100 grade is typically packed in 185 kg drums with 110 drums per 20ft container.
  • Quality and Quantity: basekim guarantees competitive prices and high-quality bitumen, meeting international standards, and provides comprehensive inspection and quality control during production and shipment.

Both companies are well-regarded for their extensive experience and reliable supply chains, catering to various needs in the Vietnamese market.

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