Paste glue  

Paste glue is a mixture of minerals, polymer additives, adhesive reinforcement and fillers that are ready for use. It is used to install a variety of materials, including tile and ceramic on the floor and inside the building. 

For the installation on the floor and walls inside and outside the building, such as tile and ceramic glass, tile , ceramic and stone on smooth surfaces, brick, tile, mosaic, cement and stone. 

It is controlled by standards: BS EN 12004 and ISIRI 12494.

Applications paste glue

Paste glue is used for floor tiling inside the building

Installing stones, ceramics and mosaics on a variety of surfaces

Note 1: This product does not recommend in pools, baths and floorings of sanitary.

Properties of product


Paste glue is extremely high stickiness

It is suitable to run on vertical and horizontal surfaces

Economic and suitable for horizontal surfaces

Resistant to slipping

Paste glue is easy of implementation

Specification of product

Specific gravity: 1.60 ± 0.02 g / cm3

Appearance adhesive: powder

Ion chlorine: no

Storage of product

Duration of storage: one year in initial packaging

Storage conditions of this glue: In the original packaging, away from moisture and direct sunlight

Best Storage Temperature: 10+ to 30+ degrees Celsius, ° C

Packing: 25kg bags

Description paste glue  

Brand: Original

Product origin: Turkey

Product type: paste glue

Appearance paste glue: White paste

Packing paste glue: 15 gallon

Consumption: 2 or 3kg/m2

Temperature during operation: +5 to +35

Thermal stability: -15 to +70

Tensile strength after 28 days: more than 1 N/ mm2

Applicable thickness: 2 to 6 mm

Tile move time in run: 20 minutes

Price of the product

For taking updated price for it  and knowing more about further details, please contact us by WhatsApp, email, phone, because as you know that’s different.

 For a detailed methods and materials specification contact the ATDM

Difference powder glue and paste glue

Powder glue is made from a variety of dry material (DryMix) based on cement, which, given the many polymers used in its construction, after mixing with water and drying, completely penetrate water.

Paste adhesive is used to apply ceramic tiles on concrete or gypsum walls. These products are resistant to oil, acid, and water. Note that the surface must first be level and the gypsum wall, lawn and earth should be previously lined with cement mortar.

Warning of this product 

It isn’t the hazardous substances for health and the environment.

Please study Safety Data Sheet paste glue (MSDS).

Do not get into mouth.

Keep out of reach of children. Not to be ingested. Avoid skin and eye contact.

When using epoxy resins it is advisable to wear rubber gloves. Any material coming into contact with the skin should be washed off promptly and thoroughly with soap and water. See a doctor immediately.

Work in well-ventilated areas or use suitable breathing apparatus.

This is not a flammable matter.

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