Bentonite Grease


Bentonite Grease

 Bentonite Grease, Grease based on Bentonite is an inorganic clay based grease for plain and rolling bearings operating at temperatures higher than those at which conventional soap based greases can be used. This grease is amber colored multipurpose Grease containing anti-corrosion and EP additives and is suitable for most conditions especially at elevated temperatures. This Grease gives excellent service life at temperatures in excess of 160°C, provided the re-lubrication period is suitable adjusted. This Grease is mostly used for fans, plumber blades underground mining, plastic injection molders, etc. Molybdenum disulfide and Graphite variants of this Grease is also available.

The benefits of product Grease

  • High temperature resistance.
  • None melt.
  • Good sealing properties.
  • Softening resistance.
  • Good EP properties.
  • Maintenance reduction.
  • None leaking.

Prosess of make bentonite grease

Commercial Benton powder used as a thickener is basically an organophilic montmorillonite type of clay. They are formed by slurring in the Benton powder in a portion of the oil, pre-gelling by adding a dispersant and stirring, then heating to drive off the remainder of the dispersant.

The produced by ATDM

  • Grease B ATDM 600
  • Grease ATDM HT 1000
  • Grease B ATDM 613
  • Compound ATDM W 1000 S

Technical Specification

Test Items Unit Test Method NLGI-0 NLGI-1 NLGI-2 NLGI-3
Thickener Clay Clay Clay Clay
Appearance Visual Smooth, Natural, Brown
Worked Penetration (25 C,60 strokes) 0.1mm ASTM D 217 355-385 310-340 265-295 220-250
Oil Separation Wt% ASTM D 6184 Max.2.5
Dropping Point C ASTM D 2265 Non-Melting
Water Washout Wt% ASTM D 1264 Max.2.0 Max.2.0
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