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Description Calcium Grease

Calcium grease shows the hardness of grease which categorized in 3 grade like (NLGI 1 , NLGI2, NLGI3). Hardness of grease show with penetration which is in range of 220 up to 340 in different grade . These grades are categorized by National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI).The most commonly used grease is NLGI #3. Softer grades are often used for improved pump ability or low-temperature service, while harder grades are used where leakage or sealing are particular concerns . the product Base lubricants are known as  waterproof lubricants because of their excellent water resistance. However, that waterproofing is not the ability to work underwater, but merely reflects their good resistance to water washing .It is suitable for multi-purpose use.

calcium grease feature

Calcium grease Water-resistant (Waterproof grease) protects the system against to erosion and corrosion. Protect metal surface very well and protects the material against to rust. Ability to work in High temperature Allows high stability which is in the medium degree loads. Prevents from entering the foreign materials into systems and protects the system. In the usages where the temperature is not high, demonstrates excellent performance by providing fast and effective lubrication

Application of the product

It used in the surroundings where the temperature is not high (<80°C ) and the water is unavoidable. Used in the low-speed straight bearings working under the normal load, medium and high-speed bearings of which working temperature is not high, low-speed straight bearings, and in the lubrications of chassis. It can also be used for conveyors working in the open air and water pumps.

The difference between lithium and calcium grease

Lithium complex steps that up to 500 deg F. But calcium sulfonate greases can go even further, approaching 600 deg F. This extra 100 degrees in dropping point for calcium sulfonate greases means an extra 100 degrees in effective operating temperature range, which can be a real advantage for many industrial users.

Specification of  the product

calcium grease 1 2 3
Color Green Green Green
Soap Type Ca Ca Ca
Penetration (25°C/60Storke) 310/340 265/295 220/250
Dropping Point, °C, min. 105 105 105
Working Temperature, °C, max. 80 80 80
values specified in the table are typical values and may vary based on production.
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